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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Saturday, 02 February 2013 07:14 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Black90 recording artiste Jegz is pleased with the public's reaction to his latest video, 'Me She Want'.   "Since the video hit the TV and the cable, the reaction inna the streets is unmistakable, the other day, mi a walk inna Liguanea and mi see people ah gi me a second look and mi know say mi clean, but anno just that alone. Dem recognise me from the video and ting," he said. 
The video is now in rotation on CVM, HYPE, RE, MD TV and other local cable channels. 
"I have been working on a couple of stage shows, mi ah try get  mi name out there, I want to get on Follow Di Arrow to show what I can do, mi need fi de pon Spring Break. Mi ready now, mi fit, mi jog every morning from my house to Liguanea and back. Mi a write hard and mi a voice hard, the other day, mi sleep inna the studio, mi hungry fi it," the Clarendon-born deejay said. 
In the meantime, Jegz has a follow-up single called ‘Swag Sweet’ which is now in rotation on local radio. He has released a raft of new singles such as “ Drop Draws,” “Jah Shine Di Light” and “Walk N Chat”.
In the past few months, Jegz has also worked with producers like AR15, Randy Rich, Clever Dave, Smooth Face, Mello T, Caveman, Claude Mills of Chase Millz Records, and Vivian Thomas of P.A.Y Productions. He has released a raft of new singles such as Drop, Jah Shine Di Light, Swag Sweet and he recently did a single called Nuh Skin Teeth on the Mercury rhythm for the Chase Millz Records imprint.
"Right now, people can look for best of the best from Jegz, mi rhyme different, mi inna the studio mad from wah day ya, I swear,” Jegz said. 
He recently inked a recording and booking deal with Black90 Records and his career is about to take off. Lawrence Andrew Warren, CEO of Black90 Records, is now Jegz’ producer/manager, and he has formed a strong friendship and powerhouse musical team that can push the artiste to the next level. Warren is now seeking an aggressive booking agent who can get Jegz on local shows. 
"We believe that Jegz has the potential to do great things, so we are reaching out to a lot of people. We are putting out his mixtape in March and we are going to flood the streets with 4000 CDs, we are ready to do this," Warren said.
Jegz is currently working on his debut album. He has completed eight tracks so far, but he is focussing his energies on breaking a single on the national level to make himself a household name and eventually, world renowned like the many other successful Jamaican acts.
 “It ah happen pon a national scale right now, mi love how the video ah gwaan pon TV, Ron Muschette ah deal wid the ‘Me She Want’ pon IRIE FM wicked, it mek the people dem say ‘whoi, deejay, it a gwaan’, big up Black90 to the world,” he said.
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