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"It is NOT me" - Lisa Hyper Featured

Entertainment News Written by  50 CAL Thursday, 22 September 2011 03:47 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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As a new pornographic picture races across the Internet, Lisa Hyper has come out with guns blazing that it is not her in this new photo but the girl bears a striking resemblance to her. 


"It is not me, mi pierce mi eye and mi pierce mi nose two times, plus mi have a heart tattoo over mi mouth pon the left side. Mi no shave my eyebrow dem, mi a coolie so mi eyebrow dem pretty and my nails dem caan look so atrocious, my nails dem nuh look so. She nuh have no tattoo on her chest or her neck or on her finger dem. Ah just some people ah try a ting," she said.

She will be appearing at a show called The Crowning of Lisa Hyper on October 15th.

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