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Is Raine Seville Preggers? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 16 September 2010 02:06 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Wha happen to some ah dem retarded people ya pon mi bb? Dem a send out message say people tief dem Nissan, dem a send out message say dem caan find dem Labrador, or dem poodle, dem ah OD the ting. Right now, mi ah go delete some people offa my ting if dem no desist from this fuckery every day. Mi no waan hear it, go over 100 Man, or go ah Constant Spring Area Five, mi no need it.


People, mi tell mi friend dem say mi psychic, the other day, mi dream see a female artiste pon a stage wid a big belly but mi coulden see her face because her hair drop down in front of it, and then baps, mi hear say Raine Seville ah 6,7,8, Yes, that's why the man ah play the number 8 so hard from wah day! People, I wish her the best with her pregnancy and mi hope say this no slow down her music career because mi love her music dem, especially the Belly Wine song.

People, everybody inna Jamaica know say mi love the fuckery already, more than almost everybody else, but wah dat Raga do the other day pon him programme? Him go luuuuuuuuuuuuuu. How yu fi go pon air go allude (big word) to Fae Ellington getting raped? How yu fi go pon air and talk
say certain people fi keep dem mouth shut, and that's why certain people baby come through a wicked morning ride and how much the baby belong to Zebra and a bagga awful tings. Raga, mi lose offa yu. Yu shoulden go de so wid the ting, dat too deep, yu caan run dem almshouse joke and that's why the people dem yank yu offa the air a couple weeks later. There, nobody never did a talk bout it, but ah it that, beat the tambourine pon dat.

How Versatile ah go so hard from wah day ya? Him all up in the media, all up in the TV, him need fi slow him roll a bit though,
him ah get overly abundant now.

Who ah the two J girls dem inna Popcaan life? Sometimes, mi see him put up Jade picture pon him bb, other times him put up the girl called Jodi. The man have two great loves inna him life, how him one so lucky?

How dem a hate pon Andrew and Wadda Blood like how dem de pon MTV now? IRIE sell off!!!!!!!!

Big up Lady Saw, mi see yu pon mi foreign TV, yu a represent hard. yu old but yu no cold and the new sexy bathsuit picture ah kill dem.

Where is Black Queen? From she diss Angel, she just drop offa the scene so.

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