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Is Beenie Man richer than Bounty Killer? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Friday, 17 September 2010 05:06 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Mi tell oonu say Beenie Man earn more money than Bounty Killer, the website urbansplash publish a list wid everybody earnings and it clear say Beenie Man ah lead. Memba say Beenie did get the big Virgin deal plus him did a do more show than Bounty Killer when Shocking Vibes did ah lead the ting, but mi feel say him spend harder than Killer pon clothes, vehicle and gal and dem tings de. Memba Beenie Man did all buy Hummer, him did have Lexxus jeep, and him have an Audi now, a new one, not a reconditioned van like dem other artistes ya. Beenie, tek yu forward.

1. Shaggy at US$22 million ($1.8 billion)

2. Jimmy Cliff at US$18 million ($1.5 billion)

3. Sean Paul at US$11 million ($944 million)

4. Ziggy Marley at US$10 million ($858 million)

5. Sean Kingston at US$7 million ($601 million)

6. Damian Marley at US$6 million ($515 million)

7. Maxi Priest at US$4.6 million ($395 million)

8. Buju Banton at US$4 million ($343 million)

9. Beenie Man at US$3.7 million ($318 million)

Image10. Bounty Killer at US$3 million ($258 million)

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