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Gays Pressured Buju into "selling coke"/Gal Dash Weh inna Di Building on Tuesday evening Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 22 September 2010 04:12 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Gal dash weh over The Building yesterday as hundreds of girls converged on New Kingston, armed with their spike heels and bikinis, to get a chance to be the poster girl for Street Vybz rum for the new calendar year. After 5, the line long down to the JN Money shop, the ting tun up. One of mi friend dem go and she say the ting mad, Addi all tek her number, but him tek over 199 other numbers, him blackberry full, and she see him all ah carry gyal go inna the bathroom fi wire dem. Is a harem the man have, and mi know say nuff ah dem gyal de a get some double earsas from dem man when dem hear wah dem a gwaan wid, dem a frolick too hard inna Babylon.  


It appears that the gays dem did really have Buju under pressure, according to information coming out of the drug trial. Him admit say the homos dem did a puncture him finances wid all the cancellations of his shows and that he couldn't get a vehicle outta the mechanic shop and all these things, so maybe that's what did force him fi sell cocaine, the ting sticky pon him bad.
Billboard.com wrote: "Banton also complained, according to the recording, about a gay rights group that had protested over violent, homophobic lyrics from early in his music career. Shows in several U.S. cities last year were canceled because of the protests".

"They're pushing me, man," he told Johnson. "These guys are trying to run me under."

This morning, James Mack pleaded the Fifth amendment and refused to testify on Buju Banton's behalf as he feared that it would jeopardise his chances of a lighter sentence. It nuh look good fi the Gargamel. Mi neva like da Gargamel name from morning, Gargamel nuh the evil looking bredda wid the black cat who used to terrorise the Smurfs dem. Mi tell yu WORD, SOUND, POWER, careful wah oonu ah wear and ah put on as tattoo pon oonu body.

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