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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 15 May 2013 07:52 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Spanish Town-based recording artiste Gangoolie who is making national waves with his latest hit, Muscle Wine, is upset that pirates are attempting to use his ideas to make similar songs to those that he presently has in the marketplace. He pointed to artistes who have been trying to muscle in on his 'Muscle Wine' success.
"QQ, Demarco, and TOK tried to make versions of the Muscle Wine, mi nuh have no problem with that, but ah me first do the song seven months ago, and put it out there, dem need fi show respect and tell people where it ah come from, and anyway, imitation is the best form of flattery so ah just so it go, but mi nuh like how TOK sing back mi song the same way, same melody, same words, dem nah show no creativity," he said. "Nobody never see me wah day ya and now dem a hawk down the ting, cause mi have a new ting called Trapsetta that mi voice from 2012 and now mi Mr. Vegas and QQ ah do Trapsetta too. Mi nuh have no problem with Mr. Vegas but QQ fi call the dance the right name, him ah tek Trapsetta and a call it One Drop and that no right, him nah gi the people dem who originate it no props. Everywhere mi go, the fans dem ah say wah dat: 'why QQ ah try rush music? Or is a hit song him a run down?' The dance come form SWA Twins from Portmore and ah me alone ah call dem name and a gi dem mad respect, ah dem originally do it." He said he is upset that Baby Star who first originated the Broadout dance did not get any props for coming up with that dance in Portmore, and that is why he made it a point to big up the girls who made Muscle Wine such a huge sensation. "I made sure to buss the females who come with Muscle Wine, mi call up eight females name inna the song and dem buss one time. Dem a get bookings and everything.
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