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Wayne Marshall's father suffers heart attack
Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall, who has embraced a more spiritual side in his music, is praying that his father makes a full recovery after he suffered a  heart attack today.  More detail
Detectives from the Constant Spring police station swooped down on Mavado's residence in Norbrook this afternoon and detained his son, brother, cousin and nephew in a major operation. However, Mavado slipped the police dragnet as he left the island last night.  More detail
Chozenn criticizes "self-appointed Jesus...
Chozenn found himself in the eye of a firestorm of criticism last week that was so intense that it prompted the nation's number one gospel station, LOVE FM, to ban the remake to appease outraged Christians. However, Chozenn remains stoic in the face of the backlash, and vowed to stick to his path.... More detail
It appears that Chozenn has been banned by LOVE FM. The gospel singer's 'Bawl Out' remake of the raunchy Dovey Magnum song on a dancehall riddim has been banned by LOVE FM.  More detail
Niko passes away after a long battle with kidney...
Tonight, dancehall mourns one of its legends as Niko, whose given name is Nicholas Grant, passed away tonight after a long battle with kidney disease since 2015. More detail

Gabriel sparkles with 'Come Now' Featured

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Singer Gabriel has been raising eyebrows all over Jamaica with her latest release, the provocative titled 'Come Now' which uses witty wordplay and titillating double entendres to create a song that tickles the mind's erogenous zones.



Since its release online a few days ago, the song has been generating a lot of discussion on social networking sites among fans.


"It's just good fun but some people say it is too slack and how much mi move from lollipop to another ting, some of them diss me, but the song got over 50 comments on one site, and several people also put it up on youtube, so the early signs are encouraging despite the negative feedback," she said.


She says that the negative comments have not adversely affected her.


 "Bounty Killer taught me how to be be tough for the dancehall industry and told me that  there is no place for soft sensitive personalities...believe it or not, ironically, my biggest motivators are the persons who say bad things about me," she said in a release.


Bounty Killer injected a surge of adrenaline into Gabriel's rookie career when he did a collaboration called 'My Boy Lollipop', a single that was bashed on entertainment websites all over the country, but propelled the singer into the limelight.


She credited controversial and enigmatic deejay Bounty Killer with assisting her to cultivate a steely resolve to deal with all the haters.


"I use their negative comments to build myself .I take the negative comments and challenge myself to do better. I know their intention is to see how far theycan push me overboard but instead they teach me how to sail. All this I learned from Bounty Killer. When I first started to receive the negative feedback frompeople I did not know how to deal with them and I even took them personal," the singer said.


 But she now understands the nature of the game. 


"It was not until after Bounty actually sat me down and talked to me at length about the psyche of the people in the music business and how they operate that I started to ignore the negative and start to use it to motivate me. Bounty has been very supportive, that's the side of Bounty that I know."


She thanked the musicians, Gibby and Dean Fraser for the instrumental role they have played in developing her brash new sound.


"Gibby has dedicated his entire time to my career and I admire him for that.he is responsible for all my musical production and I feel privileged to have a veteran like him as a producer and I love him endlessly.Dean Fraser is more than just my close friend and producer but he is like my brother," she said.


She plans to shoot a video for the single in March so she can keep in the eyes of the public and follow up on the success of her My Boy Lollipop collaboration

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