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Friday juice - How Rebecca Silvera ah model off the belly so? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Friday, 11 June 2010 05:45 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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FATHER FOWL BLOCK PARTY TODAY Today, Father Fowl party ah go be inna full swing wid all the literati, dancehall massive, gliterrati, wanna bes, the Colonial posse wid them high colour skin, and all of Father Fowl's 200 closest friends. Him ah go have an official party at Asylum pon June 19th as well and admission free, all yu have to do is come dressed to pussfoot and yu get in. Big up Father Fowl, yu look young and fresh, and big up mi real friend Lena British anywhere yu de, mi still love yu and rate yu my girl.

How Rebecca Silvera so proud of her belly? She nuh stop walk and show it off all over the place.

How dem did say that Briana was Busy heartbeat and now him breed a next girl? What a gwaan?

How New Kingston did so ram last week? Is like everybody did tired fi coop up inna dem house and decide fi step out wicked. Asylum ram, Privilege ram, all the pizza place full.

How the dancers dem no figure out the dress code fi Fiction yet? The other day mi watch a certain male dancer who mi nah go embarass right here in this column go inna him car and change no less than three times and still coulden get it.

How Gordene ah mek it out wid her apartment rent and taking care of her little baby? Da 'Baby Unknown' something de hard fi deal wid, doan? The last time mi see her was at Rumblood party and mi no see or hear nothing from her since, is like she drop offa the face of the Earth.

How Pure just lock down so? Mi did know say it woulden last after one night mi in de a party and the light just go where so and when mi go outside the whole ah New Kingston light up like Xmas tree and Pure dark like under some ah dem crosses gal ya. Di JPS ting wicked, ask anybody inna the
Jamaica Manufacturers Association, dem a feel it too.

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