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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:53 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Reggae-dancehall firebrand Francheno has scored a number one on the CVM Hitlist On the Rise video charts with his hard-hitting single, Babylon Leave I Alone. The video has held the number one spot for two consecutive weeks.
“Is a joy that the song is doing so well, it feel good fi get a powerful song like this at number one because it reflect wah the people dem a feel. The Babylon Leave I Alone single is also doing well in Venezuela and Costa Rica. Jamaica has a serious problem with corrupt and murderous people inna the police force but anno every police stay so, the JCF have honest hard-working people but the fire still affi blaze. Mi just thankful to Jah and my fans for this,” Francheno said. The video was directed by Wayne South. Francheno suffered a personal tragedy recently when his cousin was killed in controversial circumstances by cops during an operation in St. James. "INDECOM is dealing with the situation, so I have confidence that mi cousin ah go get some justice," he said. The Babylon Leave I Alone video has also been in rotation on HYPE, RE, CVM and MD TV. He recently appeared on CVM at Sunrise, FIWI Choice Top ten and HYPE TV to promote the video. He also appeared on IRIE FM's The Buzz on Wednesday alongside Cobra where he freestyled a couple of new singles. The single is also #7 on the HYPE TV VTX charts. "The media has been very supportive, after mi do IRIE FM this week, mi get crazy fan requests," he said. Since the start of the year, Francheno has been pushing full speed ahead with his career and he plans to release a slate of new projects going into the summer, starting with his debut album. "The people fi just gwaan look out fi the works, mi ah do clean music," he said.
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