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DUDUS, JAMAICA'S FIRST PRESIDENT...Is this book an insult to all Jamaicans? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  CONTRIBUTED Wednesday, 04 May 2011 00:14 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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With just under a month before the first anniversary of one of Jamaica’s most tragic events, the incursion of Tivoli Gardens, which left over 74 Jamaicans dead and all the drama that followed thereafter; a one month man hunt, a dramatic arrest and the swift extradition of the man who caused it all, Michael Christopher Dudus Coke, and then add the constant reminders such as the recently concluded Dudus / Manatt enquiry, and with the latest addition, a full-length non fictional account of the Dudus saga and all its intricacies, and it is clear that another log has seemingly been tossed into the fire of controversy that simply refuses to leave said incident in the backdrop.


Set for release on May 24th, one year after the incursion date, JAMAICA’S FIRST PRESIDENT, DUDUS 1992 – 2010, His Rise, His Reign, His Demise, is a 306 page investigative volume that literally chronologizes the life and exploits of the man himself; Dudus, in addition to the epidemic-like level of lawlessness in Jamaica since its independence in 1962. The primary focus of this volume however centers around one specific landmass; a portion of real estate that has been labelled the mother of all garrisons - Western Kingston’s Tivoli Gardens, and its cast of notorious characters; all of which is said to have contributed and paved the way to Dudus’ Presidency.

Written, investigated and compiled by K. C. Samuels, and published by Pageturner Publishing House, Jamaica’s First President takes readers beyond the headlines for a walk on the lawless side of Jamaica. The accounts are true, photos authentic, and the wealth of information presented so riveting, there is little doubt regarding the spellbinding effect this volume is sure to have on its readers.

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