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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Sunday, 04 March 2012 18:00 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Red hot rookie Stylysh, known for her unusual brawling deejay style, is blowing up all over FM radio with the release of 'The Grip' on the Aurora Skies riddim.



The single, produced by Elvis Redwood on the So Unique record label, also features a rousing high-energy intro from popular selector Richie Feelings during which Stylysh declares: ‘ah me have wah nice’.

“From the riddim drop last week, mi bb nuh stop blow up, crazy ping and ting…it’s a bit overwhelming, and mi just want to thank Sparks , Ice, Electra, Dalton Leith who pull it ‘bout up six times, it look like the riddim itself ah go shot,” an excited Stylysh said in a release.

When Stylish deejays, her voice carries the joy and happiness of someone who knows she’s really good at what she does. And on ‘The Grip’, she is at her lyrical best.

She has been ramping up the promotion for her songs over the last two months, doing shows such as a teen pageant at Spanish Town High school,a fundraiser at Merl Grove High school, RJR-sponsored road shows at Duhaney Park in St. Andrew, and in Portland, and a charity performance at Taylor Hall at the University of West Indies. She also rocked a 10,000 strong crowd at theannual Hague Agricultural show in Trelawny in late February.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Stylysh

“I am just putting in the work right now, it’s rough to doit with a steady nine to five, but mi determined fi make it,” Stylysh said.

Last year, Stylysh quickly gained a loyal, rabid followingin dancehall on the strength of the ‘ Me A Wife’ single which has generated over 400,000 hits on youtube. She has gained a lot of street props for makingappearances at street dances in the garrisons of the Corporate Area.

“The ghetto ah my place, mi do shows all over, Harbour View,Red Hills Road, West Kingston….the other day I was in Callaloo Bed,the vibe was right...and as soon as I touch the stage an say ‘yea you a Stylysh’, a crazy love the people them show me, and mi love dem too,” she said.


She first came to national attention when she placed in the top five of the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall contest, but most people now recognise her from her drops for popular ZIP FM Bambino which playevery morning, and her bikini-wearing shots in the popular video for her hit single, Me a Wife. The video for the single 'Me a Wife' has been getting good rotation on HYPE, RE and CVM.

“I've been getting a lot of shows across the island becauseof Me a Wife, the streets a cheer fi Stylysh right now because the Lost Angel riddim a shot. Yea youuuuu,”she said. “I have been to parties and see di gyal dem walk out pan it and talkup bear tings inna video light, ah the gal dem tune.”

The Lost Angel riddim also spawned a #1 hit for Popcaan with'Only Man She Wants' and as a result of this, Stylysh's song on the same riddimhas been popping up on playlists on US radio stations.

Stylysh will head off for a series of gigs in the islands ofThe Bahamas beginning on March 22, and she will be performing on a major stageshow alongside dancehall superstar Khagoin Guyana on April 9th.

“The people dem love the energy inna Bahamas and Guyana, the response to ‘Me a Wife” is like crazy in those countries so mi ah go over de go rock it. People can also look out for the video for my single call "Fall in Love" which will be premiering soon,”she said.

She is managed by Rohan ‘Snowcone’ Fuller under his Victory Syndicate Productions company.


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