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Down Sound responds to Supreme Court ruling @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Sunday, 20 July 2014 18:38 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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On Friday, the Supreme Court handed down a judgment ordering Down Sound Records, a recording studio operating at 43 St. Andrew Park, “must cease and vacate all studio activities and return the premises to its original residential status by midday, September 16, 2014”.

This move has put the jobs and livelihood of several music industry personnel, including the label's roster of artistes, in jeopardy. However, Down Sound Records will not be derailed, and its prinicipals appear ready to relocate soon.

“Down Sound Records is always seeking opportunities to expand the scope of its business and this is an opportunity for us to grow as we are seeking attractive locations to continue our expansion drive. We continue to see Jamaica as having immense strategic importance to our company and we will continue to invest in infrastructure, people and know-how in this part of the world," Josef Bogdanovich, chief executive officer of Down Sound Records, said.

"Artiste development has been the fastest growing area for Down Sound in recent years, with Ninjaman taking the show on Dancehall Night, Nature showing his class on International Night 1 on Reggae Sumfest on Friday night; he had the most energy of all the performers. Ishawna is also doing well, headlining the popular Chug It series on Sunday. Down Sound is strong right now."

The fractious relationship between Down Sound and the residents of St. Andrew Park had continued for several years despite the numerous interventions and attempts by the residents to resolve the issues with the operators. Since 1998, the residents have contended that the work at the studio with the attendant nuisances experienced by the residents continued unabated.

The property is zoned for residential use. Enforcement action initiated by the KSAC in 2002 included site inspections, warning letters the last being served in 2010 and investigations at the location by National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

Following Stop and Enforcement Notices served on the principals of the company in September 2013, KSAC’s attorney pursued the matter in the Supreme Court to its end last week. "We expect it to continue to register high growth and this will not derail our progress. We will adapt, evolve and good music will prevail in the end,” Bogdanovich said.
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