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"DJ Wah Wah started the fight and got beat up" - DJ Aidonia Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 22 August 2011 10:38 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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DJ Aidonia has denied any involvement in the altercation between DJ Wah Wah and a couple of men outside a popular nightclub in Kingston over the weekend.

"We tek DJ Wah Wah outta Georges, Ablo and Tull mek we know Wah Wah from Georges and mek him into a selector, we ah work wid him for six years and we bring the yute, we build him, so why we woulda waan tear him down? When him get the work at ZIP, mi say 'Dog, play everybody' because mi waan him build him career. So why would we want to do anything to him?, Me and Wah Wah good, him help build up J.O.P and mi respect that, but him get hype, is not everybody can handle fame, and him mek people ah programme him and ah tell him tings."
Aidonia said that DJ Wah Wah started the altercation.
"I was in the parking lot talking to five girls when I saw Wah Wah talking to a couple of yutes, then mi hear things get heated. Mi hear Wah Wah say some derrogatory things to the yute dem and start sending threats. When him tell one ah the yute dem 'suck yu madda', mi coulden believe it, mi affi say anno Wah Wah that, mi shock. He started the fight and caan defend it, yu caan say certain tings to people out a road and nuh expect dem tings, then when him start get beat up, him ah look fi me to defend it when him start the almshouse...mi coulden save Wah Wah, him start the fight and mi cannot get involved inna something like that, right now, no negativity towards my career. Why him ah call up my name when mi come see him inna altercation wid man? Is long time me ah tell the man fi watch how him talk to people, him get hype and mi warn him about da ting de. Last year, ah same way him get beat up inna T.G.I.F. when him diss a man, one time is coincidence but this fight and beat up show say this is a trend with Wah Wah, him is a troublemaker, and him doan know how fi talk to people."

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