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Did Grizzly's get a bounce cheque/MILK FOR AIRLINE HOSTESS JOB?? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Saturday, 16 July 2011 17:27 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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    Portmore, New York, Spanish Town, from the police dem call up the gays dem name inna the Lottery Scam argument, ah pure crosses a reach de fish dem. Mi policewoman friend from Negril tell me say about two ah dem get rob inna Negril, and one get beaten inna Montego Bay last week. Dem gays ya no normal, dem pocket have mumps, every minute, dem de a Western Union, but people ah pick up wah a gwaan and ah move to dem, because dem nah buy nothing wid dem money more than car, gun and BATTY, so destruction haffi folla dem. The other day, one ah dem a come town wid over 10 million dollar say him ah go buy one ah de new Toyota Fortuner dem and the police dem tek him offa the rented bus weh him inna and tek a portion of money offa him and lef him wid only bout US$20,000. Mi skettel cousin ah par wid couple ah dem from Montego Bay and she say the preements tun up since the TV and newspaper article dem drop and the man dem a get giggi now, but dem fi stop rob the white people and do fuckery wid the money, mi no feel sorry fi dem a rasssssss.



Mi get a bb from mi girlfriend today ah tell me say she spot Milk inna the interview fi the new
air hostess position dem at Qatar airlines. She say she did look good still, and her hair was a bright
fire red and ash she walk in, the excitement level just spike and all these things. Milk have one energy de, good luck my girl!!!!


A little birdie told me that all the organisers dem a run off dem mouth say ah Grizzly's cause the delay.
dem no waan Grizzlys come talk the tings dem say is a bounce cheque dem get mek dem haffi pull dem equipment.
Wah dem people ya feel like?


Where is producer Lee Miller? Ah true say the cops dem lock him down.

Why the Gaza fans dem nuh stop call off Jahvinci management phone and a leave threat. Dem fool eh!

If Mavado really a go perform alongside Babyface inna one R & B show inna September? Mi swear say is a
visitor's visa him did get. Well, we shall see what we shall see.



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