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Dexta Daps hits 500,000 views in two days with 'Bring It to the Owner'

Dexta Daps hits 500,000 views in two days with 'Bring It to the Owner' Featured

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  Dexta Daps' graphic video for his breakout single, 'Bring it to the Owner' has hit 500,000 views in only two days. This video has forced viewers to make stark contrasts to controversial film 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. The question on everyone's lips is whether Dexta Daps was getting his rocks off while having actual sexual intercourse with the girl in the video.


Last year, Dexta announced himself as a bonafide 'sex symbol' when his nude photos were leaked online showing the “7eleven” artiste stretched out on a bed almost in his birthday suit. Numerous women who were already fans of the artiste, became even bigger fans after viewing a photo of his man-hood.


The explicit photos allegedly of the “Shabba Madda Pot” deejay surfaced on-line after they were reportedly leaked by a European woman.

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