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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA LAUGHING MY ASS OFF Wednesday, 03 August 2011 04:28 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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From about 4:30 a.m., mi a get pure ping and message say something big go down ah Swag Tuesdays last night when Corey Todd rush Bill Cosby and drop a box of Yaad Swag pon the man inna the middle of the set and mek music haffi stop play and dem ting de. Dem say Corey Todd no laugh, nim no like stand up comedian, him no giggle after jokes from the real Bill Cosby much less the carbon copy selector one BillCosby, so people fi know wah dem ah do. How the selector ah play up the Informer diss song weh the brown man do a diss Todd inna the man own nightclub. Mi call Todd and him explain say him did affi deal wid it personally because other man did waan rush Cosby but him stop that from gwaan. But when him go over de and realize say Cosby nah ease up the Informer tune, him did have to react. Him say the man dem can play Kartel tune till dem weak inna the club, but not that Kartel, the selectors fi respect the ting.


"First mi just want to apologise to the dancehall fans who came to Swag Tuesdays because the incident caused the event to lock down a big early but it was unavoidable. How can Bill Cosby come to my club and play a diss song which makes reference to me. I went over there to deal with it personally, so I threw a cup at them but they ignored me. Then I went behind the deejay booth and dropped a box of CDs and they looked around and saw me and continued to play. I construed that as a complete diss so I dropped a box on them and it caused the set to stop playing and they walked off the stage," Todd told one876entertainment a short while ago.

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