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CJ Killawno drops 'Sin' video Featured

Entertainment News Written by  phlexx Saturday, 19 May 2012 19:05 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  With an unusual name like CJ Killawno, you can bet that this young man is no run-of-the-mill deejay. His unusual alias always gets him a second look at stage shows or events.     
"People really love the the name. The name Killawno comes from the argument that if yu kill, yu haffi deal wid the law, so... no, that's how yu breakdown the name, Killawno. Everybody know CJ the tattoo artiste  inna the west, and mi put dem together and it shot," he said.  
CJ Killawno is generating a lot of buzz with his latest single, Sin, a high-energy conscious single that points to the ills of the society which can be traced back to one source: sin.  The song is on the RPR Production on the Sewage Breath riddim. 
"Well, mi inna the studio and it just come to me, cause ah the tings dem mi a see, the violence, the adultery, the covetousness, but mi never want to bash anyone, just stating a fact that sin is the original source of all things and you have to fight that urge to sin...right now, the song ah play in Belize and in England, and in parts of Europe,"  he said.
A well-known graffiti artiste, he has now put ink to paper to pen new rhymes, quickly developing a reputation for his spine-chilling lyrics that go beyond the overused antics of cash, clothes and cool. He sees a lot of crazy things in his popular tattoo studio.
"When people come to my tattoo shop, dem want the 666 and the Baphomet face, ah crazy people come in and want some mad tings, and more time, mi feel like the devil ah use me, but yu de de and the work ah come, but mi do it just fi mek the dollar. All girl come in and say dem want 666 all over dem body, people tek it casual like a style, mi see people walk in and say 'my yute, mi waan something evil'. Inna my studio, mi affi play Kartel song Tattoo Time Come, ah dat dem waan hear when mi a work. It come in like a Kartel draw dem out, tattoo ting tek off. Mi is a Flankers yute and Tommy Lee ah mi youth weh grow inna mi hand, one link...Kartel big inna the West, ah fi him place man, mi love the songs, but him draw out the people," he said.
Born Carl Tuckett in the city of Kingston, he has carved out a niche for himself as an artist in his own right. He has been an artist of various forms, creating tattoos and body piercings at his popular tattooing studio located in Montego Bay, St. James. However, his first love has always been music and he wants to paint a canvass using words, metaphors and sick imagery.
"I started to write and sing when I was only 16 years old. I was first discovered by Robbie Shakespeare who named me Killawno, and Danny Browne used to voice me on a project in the 90s," he said.
He voiced for many producers and studios in Kingston Jamaica before doing some of his own production on his Blunt Production Label.  However, after a few years, he relocated to Montego Bay to establish his tattoo business alongside his friend, Chicken.
"I used to do production but I have been out of the game for a while. I am doing some songs with producer Angel formerly of Down Sound, mi ah do some other songs which will come out soon, mi ah go tun up the scheme," he said.
He has performed in Nassau, and shows all over western Jamaica. He has also travelled to Germany and Switzerland. 
In June, CJ Killawno will be releasing the singles 'Fly Away' and 'Wine' for his own Blunt Production, and a conscious song, Bottle Mash for  Great Again Production.
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