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Unknown Gringo believes that VROOM VROOM single...
Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo is getting a huge buzz with his latest single, 'Vroom Vroom' , which was released on the Chase Mills Records label recently. More detail
The Dubplates continues to do well on the...
The Dubplates continues its strong run on the Blllboard Reggae charts, coming in at number eight with their critically acclaimed set,  Box Full of Steel by The Dubplates, selling 92 copies, down from 280 sold the week before. To date, it has clocked 2,956 in sales.   More detail
Wayne Marshall's father suffers heart attack
Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall, who has embraced a more spiritual side in his music, is praying that his father makes a full recovery after he suffered a  heart attack today.  More detail
Detectives from the Constant Spring police station swooped down on Mavado's residence in Norbrook this afternoon and detained his son, brother, cousin and nephew in a major operation. However, Mavado slipped the police dragnet as he left the island last night.  More detail
Chozenn criticizes "self-appointed Jesus...
Chozenn found himself in the eye of a firestorm of criticism last week that was so intense that it prompted the nation's number one gospel station, LOVE FM, to ban the remake to appease outraged Christians. However, Chozenn remains stoic in the face of the backlash, and vowed to stick to his path.... More detail

Bounty Trial Kicks off in Gun Court/Kip Rich Angers Wid Cake Soap song Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 20 October 2010 05:30 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How some lickle gyal ah hype up like dem a somebody and dem pussy smell like cabbage water. Big up all the girls dem who know say dem keep dem coochie clean and fresh like a bunch of roses. Some gyal life miserable, rain a fall and dem caan get no comfort, dem zinc roof ah leak, water ah come in pon dem and dem affi ah put dem bed pon four blocks, dem life miserable like dem hole. Ah me say toilet wid button flusher, ah me say Havendale, ah me say proper drainage and facilities. Mi work hard fi achieve wah mi have, when mamma send me go school, mi neva ah mek no bus conductor bwoy ah feel mi up, and no man caan offer me $3000 and fuck me rounda Back Road. Mi put something inna my head, not inna my mouth, and when mi reach the age, my hole never beat out like some gyal round ere, that's why mi ting sort out today. Yu have some gyal dem a real crosses, when a man fuck dem, all sort of things start go wrong inna de man life. Why? Because dem hole miserable, dem life miserable, ah pure bad spirit ah follow dem, so big up all the gal dem who nah keep dem hole like a 7-11, open all the time, big up yuself, that's why yu have yu owna tings and yu nah suffer like some ah dem. OH!!!!!!

Well, it start now, and mi a wish Bounty Killer all the best. The man is a real icon inna the business and it woulda sad fi see him go prison, and tings nuh great wid him. Him vehicle dem still de a de pound over Waterhouse, dem cancel him visa, every minute, de girls dem a try extort him say him ah beat dem, mi hear say ah $3 million ah the new asking price fi drop case, it get sticky. Anyway, ah this morning the Gun Court case start where he is charged jointly with ex-cop Calis Bowen regarding a 2007 incident where some shots were fired at the off-duty cop. How dem bad so???


Gaza fans dem fed up wid Kip Rich, ah long time dem a watch him and everytime Gaza do nothing, him run go jump pon di Cake Soap ting, and a gwaan wid a bagga tings. Gaza people nuh like how yu a OD di ting. Kartel say nuff people ah watch him too hard, dem fi buil now.


Mi love yu song, Nuh Strange Face Round Mi, it ah go hard, mi hear it ah play ah one dance ah country the other day, the dance mash up, but mi realize the radio man nah show no love, but just gwaan do yu ting. NO STRANGE FACE ROUND WI, NUH NEW FRIEND FI 2010 AND BEYOND!!!
What a way the gangs dem decide fi spike up productivity after murders drop inna September, last week, ah 30 people alone dead from gang war. It look like the ting start up again. Commissioner, do something bout the crime now.

It look like some friction ah start up between Gaza and Gully because a yute name X Facta do a song ah diss up Flexx and Three Star from the Gully.

Why dem a try fight Ragashanti? Yu nuh see the man ratings ah go through the roof over Nationwide. Beat the tambourine. BIG UP BARRY G, YU O.D AH MAD DEM, mi see yu pon mi TV and mi haffi big yu up, mi big sister used to listen to yu all the time inna the house back inna the day, yu was before my era but mi still haffi give yu props, nuff ah the people dem pon radio now no have no sense of diction, enunciation or any other --ation, dem nuh good, ah duppy dem! Yu a de real deal.

How some artiste seh dem hype and dem caan come back Nick Jr. like Ziggy Marley? Who dem feel dem is? Dem anno nuh nobody!!!

What a way it come in like police dem a try set up Pastor Lewis say him have sex with the 15 year-old girl inna one Negril hotel room? The girl say ah lie, nutten no go so, so where is the evidence, where is the rape kit? What about the DNA?

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