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Bounty Killer's Prado and Range Rover SEIZED BY GOVERNMENT Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Friday, 27 August 2010 05:28 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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BOUNTY KILLER VEHICLES SEIZED BY TAX AUTHORITIES Why dema try style Bounty Killer by moving to him vehicle? Ah so the tax people dem a move billias. The man dem tek weh him Range Rover and him Prado. What next, people, what next? Mi a wonder why the government put on luxury tax now because dem waan ghetto yute drive wah dem a drive, ah bad mind dem bad mind the ting. But Killer, how yu so fool fi mek this happen? Wah happen to the longtime Land Cruiser, mi hope yu nuh sell it.


Yu watch the news last night? Yu see how Bigga Ford give it to the people dem a threaten him say dem waan kill him because him ah do him work. The man talk like a real bad man, him say him no fraida nobody, and how the government ah go get revenue fi run the country, the schools dem and the hospital if him no do him work pon the people who ah commit fraud? Low the man mek him do him WORK!

See how Gaza ting international, all Nicki Minaj say she waan work wid Kartel and all these things and him say him ready, just sign up a Ramping Shop contract, coochie for two verse and it done, sick, mmaaddddddd.

How the tax authorities dem a move so billias? Dem a pree nuff artiste hot vehicle and all house. HELP US JAH!

Will Bling Dawg and Kartel ever be friends again like how Wayne and Kartel friend back?

WHy Alliance people ah bun out Wayne Marshall because him and Addi ah friend again?

Why Bounty Killer caan just bury the hatchet and friend back wid Kartel? A wah?

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