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Bounty Killer celebrates his victory over Beenie Man in Negril Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 28 December 2011 01:41 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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At Sting 2011, Bounty Killer was in full attack mode, and during his performance, he made reference to an incident last week at 'Diamond Splash' where he and Beenie Man clashed.


"A flying fish fly up on my stage the other night...and it was duly killed," he bellowed to the audience. "Mi neva know fish tun puss. Have nine life...".

That incident happened Last Friday in Negril, where Bounty Killer dismantled Beenie Man in front of a small audience. With the two veterans onstage, the audience was expecting a big showdown, but instead it was largely a one-sided affair.

Beenie Man seemed unprepared to clash. When he attempted to talk, Bounty interrupted:

"Shut up, Shebada say yu buss up," he shouted before deejaying a few caustic lines aimed at Beenie Man. Beenie Man hit back with his song, 'Weh yu get da eediat song de?' but the crowd failed to move.

Laughing, Bounty Killer asked in a mock Shebada voice: "Beenie, what are you hiding?"

Beenie Man tried to hit back with the barb: 'yu have one shoes wid heel pon it'. Bounty Killer's response was stinging and immediate: "This ah war shoes, weh yu go inna yu battyman suit?"

Then Bounty Killer suggested 'point him out'. Beenie Man then left the stage.


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