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Bounty Killer arrest sparks boost in mosquito zapper sales Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Simone Hunter Sunday, 26 September 2010 23:36 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Alliance leader Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, will return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's court this morning to answer wounding charges, however his arrest has at least one positive uptick.


Over the weekend, one876features visited the commercial districts in Kingston and Spanish Town to investigate reports that Bounty Killer's arrest had caused a fillip in the sale of a certain product, the zapper which is actually an electric mosquito device that stuns and kills insects using an electric charge.

"Yes, man, the mosquito zapper dem a sell like hot bread. Mi no know if a because ah the whole heap a rainfall we ah get or just the court case but the zapper dem a sell hard," one vendor who plies his trade along Princess Street in Kingston, said.

Some vendors have even dubbed the zappers, the "Bounty specials".

"It work, as you say Bounty, the people dem ears prick up, the zappers dem a sell off," one Spanish Town vendor said smiling. His teeth were quite yellow.

The boost in the sale of the zappers follows one of the central laws of economics, the law of unintended consequences, but it is a welcome development for vendors. The Amazing Bug Zapper is a handheld device with a tennis racket design that kills insects on contact. It is activated by simply pressing the two buttons on either side of the handle and start swinging. Bugs and pesky girlfriends don't stand a chance .

"Big up Bounty, him ah the real man, if da court case ya continue, mi nah go have hand fi sell dem," a thirty-six year old vendor, Marshalee Samuels, added.

The deejay was arrested last weekend after police claimed that a woman turned up at the Constant Spring Police Station badly bruised and beaten. The woman claimed Pryce had beaten her on the knees with a hammer.

He is also accused of using a zapper to hit the woman on her wrists. Bounty Killer's fans have been almost rabid in their defence of the entertainer alleging that the woman is simply being malicious and they have pointed to the fact that the accused and the female had sex after the alleged beatings and she waited almost two days before she made her report.



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