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Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor Extravaganza to explode in St. Elizabeth on Xmas Day Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 20 December 2013 08:32 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Reggae Extravaganza is just a few days away and music lovers in St. Elizabeth are eagerly looking forward to the annual Christmas night event.

For over a decade patrons attending the event have been treated to some very exciting performances and this year they are expecting nothing less.
The patrons are not the only ones who are looking forward to Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza.
Several artistes on the lineup including Dancehall star Capleton has stated that they are excited about performing on the prestigious event that will unfold on, Christmas night inside Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth.
“You know its always a good vibes performing for the people in St. Elizabeth, they always show me a lot of love and positive energy. I am gonna give them another explosive performance, I’m the King of Fire so the performance will be hot. I am going there to deliver a wonderful performance for my people in St. Elizabeth,” said Capleton.
Fast rising Deejay QQ, who has scored one of the biggest hits in 2013 with his controversial song titled, One Drop is equally excited about performing on the event. The St. Elizabeth home boy plans to make his home parish proud of him.
“This is my first time on the show, St. Elizabeth is my place, my grand parents are from St. Elizabeth. I’m really excited to be on the show to perform for my people. I plan to give them a strong performance. GT Taylor has been doing big things over the years with this show. I know he has worked hard to make it one of the major shows in Jamaica and I am happy to be a part of it,” said QQ.
According to former Rising Stars talent show winner Romaine Virgo, he's encouraging the public to give Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Reggae Extravaganza its full support.
“Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Reggae Extravaganza will be a great event. I want to encourage all the people to come out and support the show to the fullest. I want the patrons to watch the whole show and support all the artistes on the lineup. I am going to give them a wonderful show.”
Reggae singer Ginjah’s hit single titled, Sweet Killer is currently one of the hottest songs in Jamaica. Armed with an impressive catalogue that also includes other hits such as, Never Lost My Way, Prayer & Music Alone he is confident that he will deliver an exciting performance at Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Reggae Extravaganza. “I’m really looking forward to GT’s show. When I touch the stage inside Independence Park on Christmas night I am going to thrill the fans with good Reggae music. Trust me a lot of people are going to be surprised. I just want all the real music lovers to come out on Christmas night and enjoy a great show,” said the artiste. Christmas Extravaganza will be held on Wednesdayy the 25th of December at Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth. Gates open at 6 PM, show time will be 8 PM. Admission $2000 and $3500 VIP. Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor’s Christmas Reggae Extravaganza is sponsored by Boom Energy Drink, Guiness, IRIE FM, On Stage TV, ZIP FM, CVM TV, Dial U Gas, Allen’s Texaco, HOT 102 FM, Wata, John Swaby Sound and Lighting, Wards Power Tools and Sealand Foods Intl.
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