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Black Queen gets buzz with sexually-laced Up Inna Mi Belly Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 03 July 2013 23:16 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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At last. Portmore-based artiste Black Queen is finally getting some amount of recognition for her wonderfully penned song, 'Black N Proud' albeit because of a recent TV news expose on the phenomenon of skin bleaching.    "When I watched the news piece, I was shocked. I was aware of bleaching but the practice has really twisted the minds of our people, there were people saying on TV that they hadn't bathed for weeks because they didn't want to wash off their bleaching cream. And showing how they wrapped themselves up in plastic sheets to make sure the bleaching soaked in...after that news piece, there was a surge in the amount of airplay that the song got," she said.   
Black Queen scored a hit last year with the conscious single, Black N Proud which peaked at No. 4 on the HYPE TV Top 20 charts this week, hit the top 20 of Stampede Street charts and maxed out at No.2 on Suzie Q's Video Alley show on TVJ. But the single has been experiencing a resurgence this year. 
The song has been generating a huge buzz in Gambia, Africa and she recently appeared on CVM TV's 'Onstage' to discuss how her song has caught fire internationally and her views on bleaching. She was awarded 'artiste of the week' on Linkage Radio in New York in the last week of June because of the popularity of the song, and she also made an appearance at this year's 'Groovin in the Park' concert in New York.
"As black people, we need to throw off the invisible shackles that have caused us to hate the colour of our skins, I am pleased that the song is doing so well in Gambia, and in New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and South Florida. It shows that we have not lost our souls as a people," she said. 
She will be doing a promotional tour of the US this Summer to further promote the single, and she already has a show booked for a big concert in Gambia later this year. 
 In the meantime, she is generating controversy with a new sexually charged single, Up Inna We Belly. The single, recorded on Portmore-based Macho Kid’s label, has been doing well at events such as Hot Mondayz, Exact Mondays, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, and Gi Weh Wednesdays and Bembeh Thursdays.
“The song ah go hard inna the street, the dance fi it mad, the song ah buss fast, everybody love the hook, dem love Boom Boom part and Sadiki intro sell off. When it drop a dance, ah crazy money pull up it get. Mi ah go all out inna the streets with the promotion and the selectors dem a give me the support,” an elated Black Queen said.
She released the video, directed by Tinman and Smike the Don, recently.
"The video was a huge success, a lot of girls showed up on the day of the shoot, and it gave it a high energy vibe, and people love the look and feel of the video, some even wonder if is a foreign director mi use," she said, laughing. 
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