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Benji Hype's 'Man Dark' video now in heavy rotation @benjihype @reallyfee Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 21 April 2014 08:59 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Ultra talented dancehall artiste Benji Hype released a new video for the single, ‘Man Dark’ last week. The single, which appears on the Hashtag riddim for 007 Records, is now available on a number of electronic platforms and will no doubt be boosted by the release of the video.

"The video is doing well on HYPE, RE and CVM, ah the dancer dem ting de. The spins on youtube shows that teenagers really love this song, and whenever I send out a tweet about the song, I get a lot of retweets and replies so I know that they are feeling the ‘Man Dark’ song for some reason," remarked Benji Hype, who scored a major radio hit with 'Google Bad Mind' late last year.
The song hit the top ten on the FIWI Choice Top ten charts and the CVM Hitlist countdown charts where it remained for eight weeks.
“Even though I am pushing ‘Man Dark’ in the streets, Bounty Killer himself came to me and said that I must continue to push ‘Google Bad Mind’ because the streets really love that song, and is a prime time song, so even though it buss already, I mustn’t ease up, so right now, ah just full speed ahead wid Google Bad Mind’ inna di prime time,” Benji Hype said. .
Other Benji Hype singles include 'It's Time' featuring Ginjah for BH Records, another with Portmore-based College Boys Production called 'Mi No Care If Yu Gi It Weh' , and ‘Evil People’ produced by Adrian Locke.
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