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Avatar suspended for one month from Black Blunt sound system Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 16 April 2012 00:58 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Popular selector Avatar of the Black Blunt sound system has been put on a one month suspension because he abandoned a pre-conceived battle plan at the recent World Clash and cost Black Blunt a chance at the title.


"I had to put him on a one month suspension, if him waan leave, him leave," Father Blunt, owner of the sound system told one876entertainment.com.

"Once yu have a selector, who feels he is above the programme, yu have to put him in him place because is millions of dollars at stake each time we go out there."

He explained that Avatar, on his own initiative, abandoned a preconceived battle plan that had demolished their rivals in previous rounds, and caused the sound to fail in spectacular fashion.

"He went to World Clash and never stick to the programme. We sit down and put a set of songs together, for first second and third. He follow through on first and second round, but in the third round, he switch up frm the programme. Him waan circle Mobay and him get eliminated. Yu a play against Kilimanjaro and Bass Odyssey, and waan play War Face and dem people de? Yu mad. We go in and spend almost a million dollar and look wah happen."

"Wah ah go happen when him get bigger? Ah one of the same ting reach Trooper and Jaro. Ah me mek AVatar, tek him up, spend and mek him. With fi him discipline, it nah go far. Him pree rum, and get drunk and man fi babysit him fi get him to work....mi no waan no loose cannon."

"If me let him go, things weh me tolerate wid him, other people nah go a-tolerate, Black Blunt will always be Black Blunt. When you become a star, yu have to have the image to go wid it. If his conduct is not up to standard wah dem going to say about the sound? We caan stain the reputation," Father Blunt said.

Anno lose we lose World Clash, him give it weh. Even Avatar admit say him go luuuuuu


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