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claude mills

A woman who did not send her daughter to school for several months because of financial problems got a tongue-lashing from RM Alicia Nembhard when she appeared before the judge in the Spanish Town RM Court on April 7, 2015.

The national airplay chart in France....Omi blows up. See chart here: http://www.radiomonitor.com/airplay-chart/france    

HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS has teamed up with BUYREGGAE.COM in order to release a limited edition of CALI P's chart topping "Healing of the Nation"project - which was released as a digital EP in November 2014 (topping ITUNES REGGAE CHARTS in SWITZERLAND, GERMANY and ITALY).

A man charged with molesting a 4 year old was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court earlier this week. 

A trip to the National Stadium by five teenagers ended in one of them being shot, and criminal gun charges being laid against two of them recently. Two teenaged boys, Dashawn McKenzie, 15 years old and Omar Pryce, 19, had their case transferred to the High Court Division of the Gun Court when they appeared before RM A. Nembhard on April 10, 2015.

Omar Berry, 24 years old, conductor and Roshane Johnson, 29 year old bus driver, both residents in Linstead, were both granted bail when they appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court on Friday, April 10, 2015 after being charged with allowing a man to have sex with a schoolgirl in their bus while they drove around in circles.

A man who chopped his brother inflicting injuries that needed 28 stitches in his head and hand appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court earlier this week.   The man, Glenroy Paisley, attempted to attribute his violent actions to a spliff.    Allegations read were that on February 3, 2015 Glenroy went to the home of his brother and called him. Upon answering, Glenroy demanded the wallet, keys and cellular phone from his brother, Valroy Paisley. Before this could be done, the accused used a machete to chop him on the left hand and at the top of his head.   He reportedly told the cops : "Officer a mi bredda mi nuh know why mi chop him".   The complainant was admitted in the Spanish Town Hospital for one month where he received 21 stitches to his hand and 7 stitches in his head.   When asked by RM A. Nembhard why he chopped his brother, he responded:  "Your honour is a man give me a spliff and mi smoke it and a ting jus cum ova mi and mi go chop mi bredda".   His case will be mentioned on May 5, 2015 as his file is incomplete and fingerprinting ordered for the accused.

  Dayton Campbell, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Opposition Leader Andrew Holness will be attending at least two events to do with the visit of United States President Barack Obama to Jamaica between today and tomorrow.

  Many roots reggae enthusiasts worldwide have been comparing the vocals of new singer Jah Fucha (pronounced future) to those of the legendary Garnett Silk. A lofty comparison, Jah Fucha is steadily carving out a reputation for his sweet vocals with songs like 'One Burner'.  

Glory Glory - Ishawna new song


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