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claude mills

A young man who rented a car from a rental in Westmoreland was stopped upon entering Spanish Town by police and upon searching the vehicle vegetable matters were found in the motor vehicle.

International reggae superstar Etana has recovered well from her health scare earlier this year, and will once again hit the road on a major tour in the United States. 

  Chronixx kicks off the US leg of his Capture Land Tour on May 23 and ends June 20, a total of 22 dates. The 22-year-old artiste (born Jamar McNaughton) is known for the reggae hits, 'Behind Curtain' and 'Who Knows'.

Rickey Teetz is getting a buzz with his latest single, Defend Wi Self. New Video: Rickey Teetz - Defend Wi Self [Viral Video] 2015 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kvighbeq2f5uaz/Rickey%20Teetz%20-%20Defend%20Wi%20Self%20%5BIn-Studio%20Video%5D%202015%20.mov?dl=0

  The Down Sound family is mourning the loss of dancehall artiste Toya, who passed away early this morning in New York. She reportedly passed away because of complications surrounding the failure of her vital organs as a result of an ongoing battle with diabetes. 

How Danger Lee ah diss up Ching so say him tief him Watchi Wyah talk? Wonder if a true  Danger Lee a talk.

Theatre fans are eagerly anticipating the new Mother’s Day Fiesta event set for May 10th as Bashment Granny 3, one of the most popular local play franchises in recent memory, will play alongside a new play called Praya Partner at the Police Officer’s Club, Hope Road on May 10th.

Macka Diamond the Money Goddess declares "no money in your pocket then yu just can't get no love".     

Reggae singjay Empire Isis is recuperating in a Montreal hospital after a successful surgery due to a motor vehicle accident in Jamaica on April 28th.