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claude mills

Word on the street is that Kartel has voiced a song on the Wrangla riddim just in time for the Summer push. 

Dancehall artiste Masicka has slammed into the FIWI Choice Top ten charts with his breakout single, 'Answer Me' featuring Ishawna. 

  Singer, DJ and songwriter Black Queen teamed up with Ras Bogle to host a video launch for their new collaboration single, 'More' which dancehall insiders are already raving about. The video launch was held at Smooches nightclub, Constant Spring Road last Monday evening.  

Masicka straight up disses Alkaline on this track announcing that he is the heir apparent to the dancehall throne. Check the lyrics:   'Do di maths check again, we ah war wid di most alligator dem, (gal check) mi fuck di gal mi fuck di friend, only bruk a when mi bruk inna dem gal a wah do dem, tan up to bloodclaat fire pressure dem, gal a gimmie pussy gal a gimmie head again, yuh nuh si yuh thing shady, wah do Eminem,gal a gimmie pussy gal a gimmie head again'

  Armed with one of the hottest songs going into summer dancehall artiste Raytid continues to break new ground on the international scene. Currently featured in the June edition of the U.S based Birdie Magazine, the deejay is set to make his official debut on African television with the video for his infectious female anthem ‘Blah Daff’.   The video will premiere on Cape Town Television’s ‘Ekse Show’, a kwaai and funky youth programme made for youths using content provided by youth! The show is made up of a variety of interviews, music videos, short films and aired during weekdays.   Cape Town TV - known as CTV - is a non-profit, community-based television station aimed at the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. Founded by over 200 non-profit organisations in 2006, CTV is committed to providing community access to the powerful medium of television as a tool to promote human rights, social justice and community cultural development. It also provides opportunities for NGOs, community organisations, educational institutions, sports groups and government to produce programming in partnership with video producers in order to inform, entertain and educate the people of Cape Town.    Reacting to the news Raytid explained, “This is great and definitely a step in the right direction for my career. Right now ‘Blah Daff’ is one of the hottest and most played songs in Jamaica and so this African television premiere just confirms that the music is getting out there and going places. Lastly I want to say a big thank you to Cape Town TV and all my fans across the globe, look out for great things from Raytid.”   Locally, the sing-jay has released a new single titled, ‘Raytid Say’ courtesy of Blaqk Sheep Music and is currently promotion the tracks, ‘You A Mi Baby’ on the Playback rhythm for Frankie Music and ‘Wuk Wuk’ produced by Jay Crazie Records on the Blahdaff Nation rhythm.  

  Singer, DJ and songwriter Black Queen teamed up with Ras Bogle to host a video launch for their new collaboration single, 'More' which dancehall insiders are already raving about. The video launch was held at Smooches nightclub, Constant Spring Road last Monday evening.

To vote for the video that has become a social media sensation since its release, text 5 to 444-2434 to send Masicka-Ishawna's single, Answer Me, to the #1 spot.      

Following a blazing premiere by DJ Sunshine on Irie FM last Wednesday, the single 'The Ghetto (Ghetto Life)', has definitely taken on a life of its own and is saturating radio, the dancehall and the clubs.  

  Brooklyn-based raggatronic collective, We Chief, has now released the official single and video for “Time Fi Legalize,” calling for worldwide reformation of marijuana laws for legalization.   "It was a great experience working with The Ragga twins, they are the pioneers of jungle music in England and we were able to get a brilliant track done that I know dancehall lovers will enjoy, especially since it advocates legalizing ganja, a trend that I see is gaining momentum in Jamaica with the relaxation of the laws there," Geoff Rand, producer and frontman of the We Chief, said. The collective mixes reggae-influenced vocals over bass-pounding electronic beats to create their signature ‘raggatronic’ sound.   The Ragga Twins or "RTC" are a jungle group from Hackney, England, composed of London UNITY sound system veteran MCs Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman (real names David and Trevor Destouche). They are regarded as pioneers of jungle music, and one of their songs was the theme song for the popular HBO show, 'Ali G in Da USA' in 2004.    " The track is the initial release from a series of singles set to drop this summer," Rand said.    The song features WE CHIEF producer/front-man Geoff Rand, mega-producer Gosteffects (Dancing Astronauts ‘25 producers to watch in 2015’) and “pioneers of jungle music” , Ragga Twins. The collective is an anonymous tribe of musicians, singers and other artists united to cultivate creativity. A major music magazine, Magnetic Mag remarks that WE CHIEF brings, “a new energy/movement/sound to EDM culture, fusing reggae, tropical bass and other world rhythms with the traditional dance music sounds.”   We Chief Music burst onto the scene last year with the single Traits of a Chieftain, featuring Anthony B, and has done a number of other dancehall collaborations.   "We are continuing to work on a lot of new music and putting together our live show. Last year, we did tracks with TOK and Jahdan Blakkamore, and we got great critical feedback on 'Traits of a Chieftain' featuring Anthony B in international markets," Rand said.   WE CHIEF has received notable recognition from renowned platforms such as VH1, BBC Radio 1 and Large Up.

Masicka is no doubt the best lyricist in the game under the age of 25 in the dancehall music business today. Just listen to the single, 'Buss the Cylinder' where his asphalt visions are crystallized into a brilliantly orchestrated street anthem. Check the lyrics: