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  Word on the street is that there is a suicide note in video form made by Delus before his shocking suicide that rocked the entire entertainment fraternity yesterday. 

TV presenter Krystal Tomlinson  purchased her first car, a red brand new Audi 2016.  

Anywhere dem bwoy de de who rob Bounty Killer, dem haffi go hide and go live inna one light bulb because dem a go dead! How dem fi rob the Boss Alliance chain and him 500,000 and him Rolex watch. 

I often wonder why Jamaican reggae artist especially the older ones point on everybody but themselves. When some of them have the dirtiest, corrupted, cut throat mentality I have ever seen.

  The fallout continues from the alleged altercation between Taboo owner and dancehall music executive Corey Todd and Devin di Dakta. Todd has been charged for assaulting young deejay Devin Di Dakta at the popular St Andrew night club in January.

An accused man pleaded guilty with explanation for stabbing his girlfriend all over the body when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court earlier this week.

  Dancehall artiste Don Mafia is claiming that fellow artiste Ghost tried to stab him after they got into an argument over allegations that Don Mafia had written a song dissing Monster Shock crew years ago. 

People say dem hear say Gully Bop run weh lef Amari and over a next woman yard. Then him go do an  interview on radio and when the announcer mention Chin name, Gully Bop start bawl, it come in like him miss her. Him and Amari soon left because the fans dem a beat him bad. In the most recent videos uploaded to A'mari's Facebook page, Amari ah show her mentally unstable side, launching verbal attacks against Gully Bop. She even threatened to file a restraining order against him before having him thrown out of her home in New York.

  Dancehall insiders believe that Mr. Vegas' statements regarding the treatment of dancehall in North America is actually on point. 

  Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has a knack for stuffing his foot in his mouth, and this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Rap superstar Drake took to Instagram on Sunday to thank fans who came out for his recent performance at Jewel Nightclub. He also took time to throw jabs at Vegas' hit single 'Heads High'. Somewhere, Bounty Killer is laughing at this latest brouhaha that Vegas has got himself stuck in.   

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