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Producer DJ Frass straight-up dissed Khago in a caustic tirade in the newspapers last week. 

  Wonder just wah ah go happen when Real Rich end up ah England later this year? Mi hear say him want 10 first class tickets, and 5 star hotel and vintage car fi pick him up at the airport. Wah him feel like? Mi listen to the promoter talk and him sound well serious, serious like a heart attack, like him ah go limb up Tanto Blacks if him no behave himself. Him no know say dem English promoter nu ramp wid people, dem will carry him go inna one flat at Peckham and lock  him down without water and food fi two days.   

Whoi, mi belly. Wah really a gwaan? Everything raise up. Cigarette gone up, rum gone up, gas gone up and now everybody waan raise dem prices. the Taxi operators group Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) want a 50 per cent fare increase after the Government’s move to increase the tax on gasoline.

Could someone have forced the former caretaker for Westmoreland Central, Faye Reid-Jacobs, to ingest a poisonous substance? The caretaker allegedly committed suicide at her Long Mountain home in St Andrew, on Sunday night.   

The predatory instinct of Jamaicans continues to be a huge problem. The international spotlight was cast once again on Jamaica's dark side when two United States missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel who were murdered recently. 

One876entertainment understands that it was a juror who was involved in the Vybz Kartel trial years ago is the man who has been implicated as the one who bit off a school principal's penis after a violent argument. 

Why was Popcaan kicked off 'Controlla', a song by Drake which had been leaked earlier this month WITH Popcaan's verse on it? The album version features a sample of Beenie Man's 'Tear off the Garment'  with Beenie tagging the song's outro, but no Popcaan. 

The government should donate the 33,000 pairs of imitation shoes to the poor and needy. The Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (C-TOC) Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said it will be destroying 33,000 pairs of imitation brand footwear publicly to send a message to bootleggers. 

    How dem man ya so wicked? Mi did think say him woulda find the gramazone first after him kill him little daughter. But see it de, God nah sleep, the fucker dead now, one bullet wound to the head, dem find the fassy inna him yard bout 9 p.m, a few hours after him escape from the police. 

Science again, science again, kubba kabba kubba kabba, science again. Wonder if LA Lewis ah work pon Dr. Love because mi hear say the blogger ketch a wicked piece of asthma attack as him land a foreign the other day? Don't tek LA Lewis simple. 

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