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Opposition leader Andrew Holness will reportedly be the guest judge on the ultra popular Magnum Kings and Queens contest next week. Anyhow him get up and buss a wine pon Triple A next week, him win the next general election. 

A retired Inspector of Police Norman McGibbon was granted bail and placed under house arrest, permitted only to leave his place of abode to visit the doctor and for his appearance at court when he appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court before RM A. Nembhard on Friday, April 10th. 

All will be revealed this month as the trial of popular Jamaican record producer Anju Blaxxx is set to begin at the Federal District Court in Bismarck, North Dakota, on April 28.

  What a way Chronixx get himself inna hot water, and now former senator Deika Morrison ah defend him from Lisa Hannah's reprimand?

Emily Crooks Shields returns to the airwaves on Thursday as host of the call-in programme 'Hotline' on RJR 94FM. The attorney at law and broadcaster has worked at RJR in the past. 

So they are saying that Obama's visit is not an official "state visit". So why am I not surprised? Jamaica is a failed state, a shambolic banana republic where the corrupt hold sway and the justice can freeze beer. So how can the President of the US even pretend to visit a state, that is  a state such as this. 

Just heard in the streets that the rogue cop had used his mother's car in the ill-fated robbery attempt in Hanover last week. His mother is a guidance counsellor in the parish and is well respected in her community. Our condolences go out to her in this difficult time. 

Mavado accused Philippe Chow in NYC of racism, but they insist they’re not and say they can prove it. check out this TMZ video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in5sfs2rE1E

The J.O.P boss Aidonia must be laughing all the way to the bank as his birthday party was sold out over the weekend. The show ram ram, mi did think say the crowd woulda split with Alkaline, but the road say JOP. 

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