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Press Release

Press Release 189

press release from Jamaica, dancehall and reggae artiste.

Jah Cure completes successful European tour

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 20:14 Written by
    International reggae superstar Jah Cure recently completed a pre-Summer European tour that saw him doing five gigs between May 16th and 25th in Sweden and France.   


Monday, 03 December 2012 10:10 Written by
What away Tommy Lee call up Bounty Killa name and try style him as “Batty Mechanic” at Chug It and the amount of booo’s dat him get ….you could hear from far!!!! Him even try ah beg it out and ah say “him haffi defend him ting” Tommy lee ah loose more then him ah gain inna dis war!!!!  

Flexx's Nuh Bwoy pull up 8 times ah Mojito Mondays

Tuesday, 02 October 2012 12:27 Written by
Wah gwaan mi peeps? It come in like Flexx ah get hot inna the dance, him new song, Nuh Bwoy pull 8 times a Mojito Mondays fi Stashment Records last night and Boom Boom play 'Pension' about  three times over Uptown Mondays


Saturday, 09 February 2013 09:32 Written by
Europe stand up as RDX sweep trough France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and Moscow Russia (just to name a few) like a push broom...So Follow us on our Trek @RDXmusic @DelomaRDX @RDXrenigade @shuzzr for a more detailed and personal feel of what's happening on a day to day basis...Click the link for More details...http://eepurl.com/uYGyf

Jamaican rapper Face Dada is on a musical mission to create and establish a local Hip Hop movement. The talented young man who grew up in New York City is determined to achieve this goal in the not too distant future.  

Richie B leaves HOT 102

Saturday, 09 February 2013 12:28 Written by
    Veteran broadcaster Richie B confirmed to one876entertainment yesterday that he has indeed resigned from HOT 102, and will be announcing his new business ventures next week.

Nastya Bermus from Russia teams up with Benzly Hype

Monday, 14 January 2013 12:24 Written by
Benzly Hype's latest hit, Fatty Bushy Bushy, is creating a buzz internationally, and a Russian dancehall choreographer has created a routine and video fo the single.   

Delly Ranx locked down North Carolina

Sunday, 10 February 2013 08:50 Written by
      Di Worl' General Delly Ranx performed live at the Red and White Party last night in the Nuvo Lounge in Raleigh, NC and locked it down.  

    Lucci Gabana, a US-based rapper of Jamaican parentage, is creating a big buzz stateside with his tight rhymes and street swagger. Gabana’s new club banger, Ride Tonight, is blowing up on the club scene on the east coast, a development which has prompted a lot of Internet chatter on the young rapper in recent weeks.    

Stamma Gramma takes on Tommy Lee Sparta

Sunday, 10 February 2013 10:13 Written by
    ​Not too long ago a new face proclaiming Sparta membership emerged from out of nowhere with one of the most controversial and disturbing songs some say they have ever heard, since the inception of music. The artist goes by the name of Stamma Gramma  who released a song called Scammer Anthem glorifying the crimes of scamming. Stemming from a census over the internet feedback, you could say the song has been getting heavy criticism from the civil public, while also receiving heavy approval. Its one of those songs that the die hearted Dancehall fans won’t like because of its simplicity and lack of lyrical content, but its one that the ordinary listener will like if the notion is accepted that it’s a gimmick song and one not to be taken seriously. So far this song has been a revelation in two days racking up both 30,000 views and 8000 plus views on JJEVAFRASS and GAZA PRINCE channels respectively in just two days of being released. It’s the first time an unknown artist of this capacity has gained so many views and attention. They are many questions over this song and artist such as, Are u related to Tommy Lee Sparta? What do u think about the feedback the song has been getting? & What is your response to Tommy Lee claiming you are an imposter? Thanks to our staff, we were able to answer some of these questions in a short interview with the artist.

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