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Olimatta Taal defends Sizzla Featured

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Sizzla's publicist has reacted angrily to comments made on a gay website regarding comments attributed to Sizzla. Greetings, For many months I have been watching and reading the articles that you all put out on Sizzla and other Reggae artists around the world. You are constantly misconstruing and misinterpreting their worlds to garner support for your cause. In the mean time you are defaming, and misrepresenting the artist, Jamaican culture, reggae music, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. If the gay community has a right to publicly display their opinions about the subject matter, so should the straight community. Where are our human rights?
If you look at the issue of abortion, the pro-abortion community has a right to protect abortion and the anti-abortion community has the right to speak against it. Look at the gun law, some people are for guns and some people are against. People have a right to freedom of speech. We do not condone violence against any human being and embrace the human rights of all people. When Sizzla said, “There is a time and a place for everything. You know you have to deal with people respectfully and you know code of conduct and choice of words. But then again we say bun fire straight fi dat lifestyle,” Sizzla added. This is patois and you have not translated Patois properly into English, it is a different language. The translation is "There is a time and a place to do things especially in a diplomatic manner. You have to choose your words wisely and know how you conduct yourself. However, we will continue to speak out and make our stance known about our religious beliefs. For the record there has never been an attack by the Rasta community physically on any individual in the Gay community, but the Gay community has attacked Reggae and the Jamaican culture for over a decade through protest, cancelling shows, and revoking visas/work permits.. We don't condone violence towards anyone, but we live in a world with all types of beliefs and ideas. Everyone should be able to live peacefully amongst each other even if we agree to disagree. The Roman Catholic Church is against homosexuality, many religions, and people in general and they have a right to express their beliefs if they choose to. It is unfair the way you tarnish the images of good people all because of your political agenda. Its needs to stop. Your tactics have depleted millions of dollars from the Reggae industry causing children, women, and families to suffer. You take these artist words in Patois and misconstrue, misinterpret, and defame the characters of these artist who are loved and do great things for the people in the world. For the record, in Jamaica, homosexuality is illegal and their is an anti-buggering law. So you are taking what is illegal in one country and what they are entitled to do and say there, spreading it to parts of the world where homosexuality is legal, it is not justice. We are asking you to retract the article, if the article is not retracted, we will have our lawyers contact. you immediately. Pink misconstrued article, the original article from Jamaica Gleaner.
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