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Motion voices 'Tell a Gal' on the Mercury riddim for Chase Millz Records Featured

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Down Sound recording artiste Motion is generating attention worldwide with his single, Any Man, on the VSOP riddim, and his attention-stealing turn on the popular 'When We Roll' ensemble effort on the booming rap 'Imma Boss' instrumental. Now he has teamed up with producer Jahsnowcone to record on the Mercury riddim, a song called 'Tell a Gal' on the label Chase Millz records.



"The people dem a respond to the ting, especially the new song, When We Roll, when we in any club and it drop, the place just get gigi, cameraman just a run from Harry Toddler to G Warren to me, to Specialist to Nature to Lolly to Toya fi we deejay the song while it a play, it crazy man, every selector have dem favourite line," Motion said.

Getting his start in music from being around his brother who worked with Stone Love, he said he plans to look only ahead at what his future might hold.

Recently signed to Downsound Records, he has been enjoying his time in the camp headed by Joseph Bogdanovich, and thinks this is the first stepping stone to becoming a musical great.

"It has been wonderful being a part of Downsound Records. Downsound a one a di best place fi deh as a upcoming act. It's comfortable and good work is done. Yuh nuh have time fi get laid back; a just constant work," said Motion.

He said 'Eye Offa Mi' on Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell's Bar Mitzvah rhythm did well in gaining rotation on several radio stations. Any Man on the VSOP rhythm, a booming anthem of a song on a muscular dancehall riddim, has gotten him a lot of street props, and When We Roll, a collaboration with his fellow Downsound Records labelmates, has made The Force club-hopping stars.

Years from now, Motion hopes to be a popular name performing at shows across the globe.

"Couple years time mi want to be travelling the world doing music and getting couple hit songs under mi belt and dominate the place. Just look out for crazy work from Motion," he said.
Unlike many artists, Motion’s focus is as astounding as his musical lyrical stylings and he manages to sound different but the same on every track. The ease in which he rides the notes makes one quickly see that, although he is a man of not so many words his art is his world.

Meeting his father at the age of six-teen , after thinking that he was dead all his life was one of the hurdles this artists has overcame in his life. Ryan ‘’Motion’’ Housen from Downsound Force is a force to be reckoned with. Life’s obstacles sometimes leave the weak broken but it doesn’t take long to see that Ryan Housen has actually grown from his. With a strong mother behind him throughout his life this strength is reflected in his music. His solid undertones and tenacity to keep up with the rhythm no matter how wild is flabbergasting.

Motion comes from a background where musical history was made and he intends on carrying on this tradition. After all the late, great, Panhead was his mentor to say the least. Ryan ‘’Motion’’ Housen says its music until death; nothing will separate him from his true love. With songs like: - Love Struck, Murda, I man a Forward and Any Man on the VSOP rhythm, Motion is already captivating the majority of dancehall. His songs speak directly to women, in a sleek sexy, confident way. He leaves the musical mind hungry for more. Look out for Motion at the top of the charts soon.

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