Carolyn Warren resigns

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Managing Director of National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL) Carolyn Warren has resigned. But it feels like an anti-climax. Shouldn't she have resigned weeks ago?

Warren, who became the centre of attention earlier this month over a drug conviction 25 years ago, in a statement a short while ago said she tendered her resignation yesterday “…to avoid prolonging this unfortunate and deeply painful situation”.


See statement in full: 

I have taken note of recent vicious attacks on my family and I, even subsequent to my admission of my mistake over two decades ago and evidence of demonstrable efforts I have made to turn my life around and contribute positively to my country.


The sustained and in many cases spurious attacks, via both social and electronic media, have taken a tremendous toll on my family and I. Many claims made are untrue. However, this issue has now cast a cloud around the good work which has been taking place at the National Energy Solutions, NESOL.


Consequently, to avoid prolonging this unfortunate and deeply painful situation, on July 25, 2018, I submitted my resignation as Managing Director at NESOL.


With the help of God, I will rebuild my life. I again urge people not only in Jamaica but across the world who have infringed or made mistakes in the past not to give up despite the trying circumstances which may prevail regardless of tangible efforts they may have made to become a good citizen and contribute positively to their country.

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