Who is classier? Yanique or Ms. Kitty? We do the survey

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  Whoi, mi fly in fi Carnival and stay fi one week and get the whole ah the met dem bout the dutty life oonu ah live inna Kingston and Mobay. Right now, mi a go split dem head wid the latest suss. Some gal roun ya a suffer, and some gal round ya ah live dutty life and ah tek tings inna all part ah dem fi own Courts over-expensive furniture and second hand car. That’s why me is an independent girl, mi no de pon certain things. Which big artiste get the herpes scare? Who classier? The Curvy Diva or the Fluffy Diva? So without further ado, here is the #@$% suss. 



Bwoy, the Curvy Diva ah throw up the things dem inna Ms. Kitty face with her new song, but mi haffi stick a pin and ask the question weh the whole ah Jamaica fraid fi ask: how Curvy Diva feel fi mek Marvin ah dry-hump her onstage in front of thousands of people? Mi no know, but she fi stop skettel out herself fi get a little hype, it huh look good, Ms. Kitty woulda never mek that happen to her, she nah go stoop so low? Curvy Diva need fi have more class than that, she never hear bout a little word called D-E-C-O-R-U-M. And to you jaggabats out there, we nah ask a question: if is dick or rum? Decorum, grab a Thesaurus and tell me what it mean. 




Mi inna Marsha nail shop inna Montego Bay and get da one ya live and direct. Mi hear say the Curvy Diva and her cumbolo dem drive up big truck up ah the residence of her babyfather Della and tek out all the expensive Ikea furniture dem, the four poster bed, and the look-good accoutrements (yes mi know big word too) and expensive sofa and all these things. All the shower curtain she go weh wid, mi hear say ah only the paint pon the wall, and couple tings dem lef' back. When she walk out, ah just the echo dem yu hear pon the wall. But special props have to go to you girl, KUDOS! 






People, the streets ah ask where is T? We caan see her ah Bounty Sundays, Boasy Tuesdays or Uptown Mondays, mi caan even see her up a Tracks and Records ah eat little curry goat, nothing? Why? Why people? Why? Well, a little birdie tell me say there was a scare with a certain artiste over the BIG H, i nuh. Because the virus start show up like a big balloon pon the artiste lip so everybody pon the artiste side run go in fi go do blood test inna HWT  not to mention the bag of man and woman over pon T side. Mi just a sing the Capleton song, dem and dem dutty life. I am out. 






Mi have the remix fi the Shenseea new song, RIDDIM PLEASE: “Dem a tell the word say ah Loodi she write/Waan hype because she brown and her pum pum tight/But Shenseea coulda drop double six and blow pon the dice/Kartel dun lock pon her gate and him ah stay overnight/Gaza fans hate her, she coulda try as she might/ CHORUS/ SHE LIE, SHE LIE, SHE LIE….Shenseea nuh write Loodi, who she waan fool? She bright!! SHE LIE, SHE LIE




Who is Spice new man? Ah that the road ah ask right now. Enquiring minds want to know who is this infamous man inna her life. Spice bright and mi know she can spell C-E-L-I-B-A-T-E, but ah who she a try fool? If the breeze blow too hard, her clitoris get jiggy so she haffi have a new man inna her good good. 



Why that artiste nah mind the British girl good up good up daughter? The way her ting set, she did haffi tek the PR job a country fi tek care of the bills when the artiste ah mek crazy millions every month. Jah nah sleep!!!!

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