Venomus says QQ tried to cut him out of 'One Drop' which hit 11 million streams on Spotify

Venomus says QQ tried to cut him out of 'One Drop' which hit 11 million streams on Spotify Featured

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  Reggae artiste Venomus is advising all young artistes to aggressively protect their copyright after a bad experience years ago opened his eyes to the nefarious business practises in the music industry.


Years ago, he conceptualised the idea behind the 'One Drop' single and its catchy chorus, only to be marginalised by QQ's handlers who limited his visibility in the video, and later on, attempted to block his access to his royalties from the song. 

"It was a nightmare. I came up with the idea to do the song, QQ couldn't find a song for the riddim, so I listened to it, and then wrote the chorus and the first set of verses. But when I got to the Stashment studio, they changed everything so he did the first verse, I did the intro, and then the second verse. Then they mixed the voices to sound alike. With the video, they went back to the director and cut out some of my clippings out of the video to make it seem like it was QQ alone," he said. 

The 'One Drop' song went on to become a huge dancehall hit, jumping on charts locally and overseas. Eventually, the song racked up 11 million streams on Spotify. 

"QQ did all the shows, I wasn't getting anything from it, so I asked my girlfriend to contact Julian Griffiths-Jones and he checked it out for me and realised that my middle name had been spelled wrong so I wasn't collecting my royalties. Everything did plan out from the first to give QQ the push and push me outta it, it was all planned but I found out and everything is good now," he said.

Venomus recently performed on the Pepsi Refresh tour, and he has a pair of songs that are bombing FM radio into submission. He has revamped his image, emerging as a firebrand rastafarian with an exciting new sound. One of the singles, 'Rise Again' on the Sasaine Music label was released in April this year while  'Complicated' was released on the Dejavu Label in late March. The songs have racked up thousands of spins since their release. 

"It's a great look," he said. 


In the niche world of reggae music, he has pulled off a major marketing coup. 



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