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Word on the street is that Mavado's vehicle was shot up in Cassava Piece yesterday. The police reportedly have a man in custody for the shooting. "Mavado box up a youth who did box down Mavado son in a some earlier friction. But the youth go fi him gun inna the middle day and tun on the machine pon Mavado car and tek weh himself. Dem nowadays youth ya nah tek no talk, him say Mavado caan rule him after anno Mavado buy him gun," a source told ONE876  

The Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU) confirmed the incident, and said a man has been taken into custody in relation to the shooting.


"The shooting happened yesterday (Saturday) at (about) 11:30 a.m. and Mavado made a report at Constant Spring Police Station, and a suspect was arrested," an officer confirmed.


In the meantime, tension in the community has indeed escalated, as the police also confirmed that a Cassava Piece resident, Ian Robinson, otherwise called 'Gaza Man', was killed at about 930 p.m. on Saturday. Robinson was shot at the nearby Constant Spring Market.


A white Nissan AD Wagon motorcar was reportedly driven up, from which a man alighted from the back of the vehicle and opened fire. ‘Gaza Man’, who was hit, was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.




However, there is a fear that there will be further incidents in Cassava Piece because of growing friction between men aligned to Mavado and men who are aligned to his new rivals. The war has also escalated as a man known as 'Gaza Man' was killed last night in Cassava Piece. 

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