Kingston socialite Paige Smith escapes death after falling asleep at the wheel

Kingston socialite Paige Smith escapes death after falling asleep at the wheel Featured

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This is my testimony. I recently got a new position working in Old harbour. The daily commute worried my family and friends and though I tried to play it off it worried me too.  


The past week especially I have been feeling an extra excessive amount of tiredness. I woke up yesterday and skipped my normal gym workout and decided to head to work. 

Two min from the Old Harbour Toll Plaza I fell asleep at the wheel. I jolted awake to see myself about to collide with a truck. Jamming my brakes the car dipped and ran underneath the truck. A part of the truck hooked to my bonnet, smashed my windshield and lifted my car off the ground as the truck driver tried to stop. The vehicles stopped and mine fell back to the ground and I shakily got out of the car with not even a scratch.

Now the background to this story is just the day before I confided in @onebodyoneGod that I was worried about falling asleep while driving. And they prayed over me covering me. I had asked Fania Golding Beck and Rasheen Robinson to pray for me too. Now people may say 'But your God nah listen. That's exactly what happened! " but it's quite the opposite! I'm not supposed to be here to tell this testimony. Had it been another type of truck I would've run straight into it not under it. Had I not jolted awake and jammed my brakes I would've ran at full speed into the back of the truck. 

Hours later I am told my cousin Yasine Hanna felt led to pray for protection for my family that same morning. And my mother's friend who has not seen me since I was a baby was woken up early that morning and felt led to pray for me calling My name over and over again. 

My God is in control! He led them to pray for me knowing the plan the enemy had. He allowed EVERY single person on the scene to be courteous and helpful when i was shaken up and not hiking straight. The truck driver and the police officers all saying the same thing 'God is on your side'. The officer I reported the accident to was not judgemental even though he walks with a limp because someone fell asleep at the wheel and hit him. He made sure that Marcus Goldingwas on leave and able to come as soon as i called him and then able take me back and forth to deal with all the formal stuff. He made sure Janis Williams was driving past minutes after and able to wait with me until he came. 

My God is in control!!!! A car is just a car. Annnnnd the damage is only to the bonnet and the windshield. Engine doesn't even have a scratch.

I'm still here! I shouldn't be but I am. Only because of His grace. 

Please. If you don't know Jesus turn your life to Him. Don't wait until it's too late. Choose to live for Him TODAY. We serve an Amazing God!!!!!! 

The enemy tried to STEAL my future, to KILL me and to DESTROY my life. But Christ came on the scene so that I could have LIFE AND HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY!!!!! (John 10:10)


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