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Former Magnum King and Queens winner Jonnah is denying that he is involved in a sexual relationship with former friend and fellow artiste Payne's ex-wife who is now his manager. 


After a pair of diss songs hit the Internet a few weeks ago, the streets have been buzzing with juicy gossip that Magnum Kings and Queens winner Jonnah is involved in a lyrical feud with long-time rival Payne that has taken a personal twist. 

The rumour mill has it that Payne's ex-wife, Latoya Rojas, is now Jonnah's manager. What complicates the situation is the fact that both were best friends, and the fact that Payne was involved in a sexual relationship with Jonnah's sister. However, Jonnah has denied fomenting dispute by seducing Payne's ex-wife.

"She is my new manager but we are not sexually involved. I first met her when she and Payne were married, and we were all friends. Then Payne and I stopped being friends, as far as I could see, he just pretended to be my friend. On the night of the clash, he betrayed me by dissing me onstage after we had both decided not to diss each other. After I won Magnum, I gave him money on numerous occasions and he still said bad things about me behind my back, till I finally cut him off. Then he and Ms.  Rojah fell out, and got a divorce," he said. 

Jonnah explained that Ms. Rojas had always wanted to help push his career because she believed in his talent. When Payne realised that his ex-wife was playing a role in Jonnah's career, he voiced a diss song for Jonnah, saying "one million dollar ah the least' and that he had more ratings in his community than Jonnah, and a snide remark that Jonnah could not afford to fix his Jaguar. 

Jonnah replied in a song called 'Send Him to the Cemetery" making references to Payne's current occupation of being a higgler operating a clothes stall in a market. 


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