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Thursday, 24 May 2012 06:48 Written by
The witnesses fi the proseuction a give it Dudus wicked. First, one ah him former lieutenant talk how him murder people inna cold blood, and how him see dem chop up a man body wid hatchet and dem ting de, and how him see when Dudus give orders fi man get gunshot.  Now ah nextwitness testified yesterday say him use St. Jago High School track and field team in a drug trafficking and visa fraud scheme fi obtain visas fi traffick drugs. Dem ah give it to Coke like dem waan sink him fi life.


Monday, 21 May 2012 22:08 Written by
Busy Signal go jail already and him ah go DWEET AGAIN! Wah really a gwaan inna the industry? Mi did know say the bad mind disease ah go eventually get to Busy, from last year, mi hear people ah mumble say him buy 56 million dollar house and buy new Range Rover, and people say nobody caan earn dem money de outta music and dem nuh de pon Billboard, so mi did know say dem start put tings out inna the universe fi mash him up and see it de, it happen. Bwoy, Busy, mi feel it fi yu but hold strong, just gwaan go rub yu time and come back a Jamaica come run the place again.   


Monday, 21 May 2012 06:57 Written by
Mi read Shorty statement say Kartel ah pay 10 lawyers and mi a wonder if anyting coulda go so. Mi know say Gaza man money big, but 10 lawyer, dat nuh no normal. The man de a prison nine months now and nah earn no money, him need fi get in back some ah di Street Vybz money right now fi handle dem lawyer fee de because yu know how murder case inna Jamaica draw out fi all seven years. Who ah go pay dem legal fee de?

Mi a wonder if Shorty still ah look fi the girl name Sharrie fi question her about her claims that ah she have Kartel's baby #8. Mi hear say is a bwoy Sharrie have and it born just this week. Wonder how Shorty ah tek da news ya or if ah something Sharrie mek up fi look a hype.


Sunday, 13 May 2012 05:59 Written by
Mi say dem heart dutty, dem mind dutty, dem mouth dutty...dem mucky because dem gone past dutty. Wah really a gwaan inna the business now? It look like Khago and Assassin are about fi kick off wicked because Khago go do a freaky song name 'Threesome'. Him ah walk and tell people say him nah pretend fi be a real rasta, him just grow him hair, him real to him ting, so why Assassin decide fi attack him and say 'freaky ras' when him nah try pretend fi be holier than anybody. But mi love how Assassin throw the big stone inna the hog pen and dem a squeal. Anno Khago alone ah go squeal by da one ya over!!!!!!!  

  Bounty Killer and Bridgez ah do the lovey dovey ting inna ROME, ITALY right now. It come in like a real honeymoon. All some gyal ah hype up, ah Bounty Killer and Bridgez to the bloodlcaat end like Chucky.  

Jamaica is about to get a public relations beating when a documentary airs about the plight of the gay and lesbian community in Jamaica.


Saturday, 28 April 2012 15:38 Written by
  Right now, all roads lead to the all-girls freaky party weh a keep up a Temple Hall tonight. Is like an invitation-only ting that ah go round pon bb and it ah mad because all the lesbians, experimental lesbians and bi-sexuals ah turn out fi it. TEMPLE HALL TUN UP  

Bounty Killer has a new browning!!

Friday, 27 April 2012 01:42 Written by
Mi realize say Bounty Killer have a new browning, she is a Canadian-Jamaican, and him head over heels in love wid her. Bounty ah the boss!

Bolt worth US$6M...dating white girl

Friday, 27 April 2012 01:17 Written by
Ah now the gal dem a go run down Bolt cocky. Forbes magazine say the man worth US$6 million right now and that ah over half a billion Jamaican dollars. The man money nuh normal!!!! But mi see him a pose up with white woman inna Observer. It weird how as a black man start mek some money, it come in like a white woman him want, but I guess him just ah enjoy the pleasures of him celebrity but mi know say Lubica wouldn't piss on him fi out him if him de pon fire if him wasn't Usain Bolt.

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