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Bolt worth US$6M...dating white girl

Friday, 27 April 2012 01:17 Written by
Ah now the gal dem a go run down Bolt cocky. Forbes magazine say the man worth US$6 million right now and that ah over half a billion Jamaican dollars. The man money nuh normal!!!! But mi see him a pose up with white woman inna Observer. It weird how as a black man start mek some money, it come in like a white woman him want, but I guess him just ah enjoy the pleasures of him celebrity but mi know say Lubica wouldn't piss on him fi out him if him de pon fire if him wasn't Usain Bolt.


Thursday, 26 April 2012 01:13 Written by
The offensive blog, jamaicangirlsexposed.blogspot.com has been removed but the damage has already been done, with hundreds of photos with various Jamaican girls caught in compromising situations, or just plain naked, have been disseminated all over the Internet. Several complaints were lodged against the operators of the website by irate women and their family members who descended on the downtown Kingston offices of the OCID this week.

A wah dis mi a read inna the Jamaica Observer? Scammers dem really linked to the new porn website? Dem scammers ya bad to rass! Dem a hack into people email and private information and a bagga tings. But yu know wah mi a wonder? When dem a drop the Kartel and Gaza porn pictures? Ah dat the country waah see.

Matterhorn, RETWEET THIS!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 04:59 Written by
one876 buss to the bloodclaat universe, yu nuh see Matterhorn ah tweet bout we. Him ah say a bagga tings, READ BELOW. All we haffi say to yu is that since yu a tell we bout we dead mumma, we have to politely decline because we dont want to go there wid yu, or else we would reply by saying that if he had to send yu up unda your madda, we would so so wid a FIRST CLASS TICKET and we ah send you via dem area code ya: 305/646/718/404/868/516/267/215 ETC we all ah send you local to, through Portmore, 998, and 989 and downtown Kingston, 922. We actually have a copy of the receipt as well. In business, these things do happen, is not a big deal, ah just business, no need to overreact. We will rate yu Matterhorn.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012 03:24 Written by
Wah the police ah wait pon fi put up a sting operation fi ketch the people who are behind this website? Now mi hear say dem have up a semi-naked picture of Pepita inna her bra and panties. Mi feel say is nuff people come together, like five girls, all lesbians, who come together and pool all pictures. Then dem put up N email from her twitter and Facebook, and it look kinda fishy how dem have access to her email still. Ah muss somebody she know who ah do it because even her enemy dem picture dem pon the site.

LATEST WEBSITE SCANDAL: CR questioned by da cops

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 07:48 Written by
CR is being questioned by the cops right now in connection with the website, ah crazy accusations and counter accusations, N say ah him because how her email address de up de and ting, and him ah say him nuh have nutten fi do wid it. Al mi know say is that ah pure freaky gal de downtown right now, and mi police friend say dem ah bawl dem eyes out, dem de wid dem madda and dem auntie right now inna OCID inna downtown Kingston. ABENA ah gi yu the information inna real time because we have the INSIDE SCOOP. Over 20 gal gone mek report bout wah reach dem wid da website ya. But tt look like CR innocent as well because while dem a question him, somebody ah update the website right now, it nuh look good.

Mi ah the QUEEN OF THE BLOODCLAAT SUSS. Mi just get da one ya hot hot hot. It seems say ah misdirection did a gwaan and is not N ah keep up the almshouse wid jamaicangirlsexposed.blogspot.com . Is her ex-boyfriend weh name C R-something or another who ah do it and use fi her email fi mash up her life and misdirect the ting inna fi her direction so everybody can pree her. How mankind so wicked?


Monday, 23 April 2012 15:28 Written by
A disgruntled promoter, Wrenroy Smith, is upset with dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn who he says is double-booking dates and not honouring his commitments. He is also demanding the return of a  90,000 deposit for a show on April 7, 2012

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