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Gossip & Rumours 341


Wednesday, 01 August 2012 07:52 Written by
  Wah dem feel like? It sticky pon dem!!! Lisa Hyper career ah shot, right now, ah California she de ah live big. She ah plan fi do a collabo wid G Unit and Catdaddy, how the haters dem a go feel when that one drop pon the bloodclaat radio.   

    Trinidad-born pop star Shazelle has hit #2 on the biggest digital download site in Japan with her combination single, State of Emergency, featuring Beenie Man. 


Sunday, 15 July 2012 20:26 Written by
  Any body call or txt you on a 379-3739# claiming to be shorty,tell her to s*ck her m*d* .one more scammer going around. Them no learn from what happened to the last scammer girl on friday. But who can't hear a go feel.  These ppl need to go and get a real fucking job!!

Why one of the promoters at Heineken Best of Summer drop down flat during the day? Chevaughn, wah dat man? Mi hear say him dehydrated because him a work hard and nah pree him health because the show stressful and all these things, so him drop down and end up a hospital. When him come back inna the night, him coulden even get into him own show. Chevaughn out de fi about two hours after him come straight from the hospital. Why the dutty police dem lock off the show right inna the last part of his performance? He had about four songs lef and the police go cut off all microphones right ah the engineer booth. Big up Rick Ross, yu lose whole heap a weight, mi hear say yu go straight to Wyndham Spa as yu land and get yu rub down from some ladies. DO DI TING!!  

Norris Man tells Khago not to call up his name

Monday, 18 June 2012 14:48 Written by
Norris Man, a victim of Sizzla's public violation in the past, has jumped into the war telling Khago not to call up his name in his songs.

Lisa Hyper go tek Bounty Sundays

Monday, 18 June 2012 06:45 Written by
Mi love how Lisa Hyper tek Bounty Sundays this morning and ah promote herself hard in the streets. From wah day ya, she ah go hard wid her dressing and her dancing and she ah tek the road fi herself. Gwaan Lisa Hyper!

Wah pig and dog ah do a Judgment Yard???

Friday, 15 June 2012 13:07 Written by
Wah pig and dog ah do over Judgment Yard? How Khago ah go so hard? Ah dat him mek him mouth say? Da war ya ah get dep-ty, Khago nah tek no talk, him say suicide war fi Sizzla, him ah declare a jihad fi Dada weh no normal, is like is a Taliban. Mi hear say the police dem soon get involved because the bobo dem round Sizzla ah chaw fire, but dem fi memba say anything happen to Khago, ah Sizzla dem a go lock up first.


Monday, 11 June 2012 23:36 Written by
Lisa Hyper go up ah CFW pon Saturday night and create one piece of excitement with her naked bottom. It come in like she did a show off the new tattoo pon her ass because she wear one little short piece ah dress and crazy picture ah tek wid her and all these things. See the tattoo below.  

Deva Bratt know how fi fondle a gyal!!!!

Thursday, 07 June 2012 13:16 Written by
Deva Bratt know how fi fondle a gyal, Tivoli, Rema, Three Miles gal. Wah really go down wid Deva Bratt man??? The man say him have the strategy fi fondle a gyal.  

Will Kartel head 'Back To Life' tomorrow when he appears in court to answer to murder charges? All mi know is that him song ah shot, 150,000 hits in only seven days. Adidjaheim Records ah shot!!!  

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