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Mi hear say Chin never go England wid Gully Bop because her ting no fully sort out because of her visa situation. Wonder if she can get the chance fi go USA wid him because of the same problem, but at least she can go Little Foreign like Barbados or Trinidad in the meantime. 

Why Bunny Wailer never put his own money towards the Wailers One Love 'Legalize It! RastaGanja campaign like how him believe inna it so much? The campaign was launched last Wednesday with an ambitious aim of raising US$1 million.

Did US Embassy call in Chronixx? @one876

Friday, 17 April 2015 15:19 Written by
Word on the street is that the US Embassy has called in Chronixx for a discussion about the statements he made regarding President Obama. Hope him apologise and kiss up to them because it nuh easy fi lose yu US visa as an artiste because yu chat too much. 

Rumours about a Vybz Kartel stabbing has been proven to be untrue. You can listen to the audio below of a prisoner in the same prison.

The controversial Ishawna also uses religious metaphors and makes overt references to God and sex. In the intro, she explains "you know, that moment when yu get a love so good, it just mek yu waan jump fi joy, give God praise and exalt His name, yu know wha mi a talk bout right?  Yu just feel free, yu just feel blessed".

Opposition leader Andrew Holness will reportedly be the guest judge on the ultra popular Magnum Kings and Queens contest next week. Anyhow him get up and buss a wine pon Triple A next week, him win the next general election. 

Yu see how life funny? Two weeks ago, Ninjaman go online and ah talk say ah fi him benz, and ah him a pay him money fi him Benz, and Joe never buy no car give him, and Jah work it out say the man meet inna one accident when a woman run inna him car from behind and mash up the whole ah the back. That name karma, ah so the universe work, yu better believe it!!!!

  What a way Chronixx get himself inna hot water, and now former senator Deika Morrison ah defend him from Lisa Hannah's reprimand?

So they are saying that Obama's visit is not an official "state visit". So why am I not surprised? Jamaica is a failed state, a shambolic banana republic where the corrupt hold sway and the justice can freeze beer. So how can the President of the US even pretend to visit a state, that is  a state such as this. 

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