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Gossip & Rumours 318

Did policeman kill the accountant and the three young boys who had come to use the accountant's WIFI in the Monymusk housing scheme? The road ah say is a love triangle causes the death of the accountant because the man pon the side tek it up pon him head and go commit the murder  because him want the woman fi himself. Ah bear tings the people dem a say!!!!! 

Sizzla heads to Zimbabwe ? @one876 @bounce876

Friday, 24 April 2015 09:46 Written by
According to newzimbabwe.com, Sizzla’s publicist Olimatta Taal confirmed that rather than pay the artiste in cash for performing at President Mugabe’s birthday bash, Zanu-PF handed the Jamaican a farm located close to the town of Chegutu.

How Skatta fi be a top man inna dancehall and him mek him tax situation get out of control to the point weh him caan see Norman Manley airport? It stink a road say the tax man cometh and Skatta caan ansa the call. How that fi happen and him par wid the billion dollar man Joe?

Two year-old girl raped in Old Harbour @one876

Friday, 24 April 2015 08:18 Written by
The St. Catherine South police have launched an investigation surrounding the sexual assault of a two year old infant in the Old Harbour community in the parish. Reports are that about a week ago the two year old infant was taken to the doctor when it was revealed that she was sexually assaulted. The father of the girl reportedly fainted when the doctor informed him that his daughter had been sexually assaulted. The father who is employed in Kingston had been informed of the assault two days before getting the initial doctor's prognosis. He had been unable to come to Old Harbour to make the report and instead waited until his day off to travel to Old Harbour to take his daughter to the hospital.     The police are still conducting a probe in the matter.

Jamaicans have taken their violent gay-killing ways overseas as a Jamaican man abushed a gay teenage St. Lucian male who had gone to make a secret sexual rendezvous with him.

Word on the street is that the St Thomas man remanded with the murder of pregnant schoolgirl, Kayalicia Simpson may actually not be the murderer because the act was committed by a left-handed person.

Mi hear say Chin never go England wid Gully Bop because her ting no fully sort out because of her visa situation. Wonder if she can get the chance fi go USA wid him because of the same problem, but at least she can go Little Foreign like Barbados or Trinidad in the meantime. 

Why Bunny Wailer never put his own money towards the Wailers One Love 'Legalize It! RastaGanja campaign like how him believe inna it so much? The campaign was launched last Wednesday with an ambitious aim of raising US$1 million.

Did US Embassy call in Chronixx? @one876

Friday, 17 April 2015 15:19 Written by
Word on the street is that the US Embassy has called in Chronixx for a discussion about the statements he made regarding President Obama. Hope him apologise and kiss up to them because it nuh easy fi lose yu US visa as an artiste because yu chat too much. 

Rumours about a Vybz Kartel stabbing has been proven to be untrue. You can listen to the audio below of a prisoner in the same prison.

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