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Gossip & Rumours 312

Why is Skatta bussing up his gun on Instagram? Is he sending a message? https://instagram.com/p/2Rdu1vE9m4/?taken-by=skattaburrell

Big up Suku on his birthday @one876

Saturday, 02 May 2015 13:28 Written by
Mi hear say dem a keep a big birthday party tonight fi Suku of Ward 21 tonight inna Waterhouse. Special big ups to one of the baddest producers in the business. 

How Nick Cannon come a Jamaica and a produce a show name King of the Dancehall and no Beenie or Bounty Killer nah star the show? Dem tek we fi fool!!!!

Wanted man "SCI FI" killed in Spanish Town @one876

Thursday, 30 April 2015 16:27 Written by
He didn't turn himself to the cops and now he is dead. The killer known as Orane Malcolm o.c. "Sci fi", a 29 year old man of a Kingston address who was killed by unknown assailant(s) last night.   

  Why Dexta Daps never just hold him ticket and build? Now him haffi go court and go through the whole drama and expense and rigmarole of a court case? Him never need fi hype pon nobody, just hold yu ticket and gwaan my yute.

Dexta Daps get a Mobay beatdown by cops @one876

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 07:21 Written by
Mi did know say this woulda happen, the security guards dem rough him up at Mobay airport, him start hype and dem deal wid him wicked, him lick off dem hand when dem arrest him. Yu not supposed to lick police hand, that is assault, ah dat dem use and banton Alize. 

Word on the street is that dancehall artiste Furtyle Brain was involved in a car accident over the weekend. The airbags on the motor car were deployed, and he injured his horn implants and may need surgery.   

Too much obeah ah fling inna the business, too much artiste ah fight against other artiste inna the business, the ting get real ugly. Dem a try mash up Macka Diamond because she get the big song, Dye Dye, but the more dem fight her, the more she rise, God have her inna the palm of His hand  and Him nah mek nobody harm her. Look how she lose weight and ah eat healthy and look good. Wah dem feel like? Model pon dem Macka, England tour next month. 

Did policeman kill the accountant and the three young boys who had come to use the accountant's WIFI in the Monymusk housing scheme? The road ah say is a love triangle causes the death of the accountant because the man pon the side tek it up pon him head and go commit the murder  because him want the woman fi himself. Ah bear tings the people dem a say!!!!! 

Sizzla heads to Zimbabwe ? @one876 @bounce876

Friday, 24 April 2015 09:46 Written by
According to newzimbabwe.com, Sizzla’s publicist Olimatta Taal confirmed that rather than pay the artiste in cash for performing at President Mugabe’s birthday bash, Zanu-PF handed the Jamaican a farm located close to the town of Chegutu.

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