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OCG cheated with his best friend girl, NOW SHE LEF HIM AND BUN UP HIM CLOTHES!!!

OCG cheated with his best friend girl, NOW SHE LEF HIM AND BUN UP HIM CLOTHES!!!

Gossip & Rumours Written by  Wednesday, 07 March 2018 19:41 font size decrease font size increase font size Media 0
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Word on the street is that OCG have crazy problem ah him yard with him woman because she go inna him phone and see a bagga naked picture from a certain dancer girl in the dancehall. She bun up up one of him cheese bottom Clarks dem, and Versace shirt weh him did a plan fi wear go a stage show next week. The man life mash up!!! GOOD GOOD mash up!


But nobody nu feel sorry fi him because last year, him sleep with him best friend goodas gal and mash up him friendship. Then him ketch feelings fi the girl and ah wife her up fi the past six months and now she find out say him a sex some other girl. How dem man ya can put dem life pon social media and dont expect no repercussions....the man sex off him best friend girl  and do song bout it and all do video, and think say it OK. GOD NAH SLEEP!!!!!!! YUTE, 

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