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Gully Bop disses Khago online

Gully Bop disses Khago online Featured

Gossip & Rumours Written by  Wednesday, 15 November 2017 10:57 font size decrease font size increase font size Media 0
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Gully Bop took to Facebook to diss Khago after he claimed that the Sky Gad  Khago offered him a place to stay at his home in Mandeville.


"Khago, don't sorry for me. How him ah tell me fi live inna house? Khago have an entourage of man him a fuck inna Mandeville, Khago, go fuck yu madda in her mouth," he said. 

"How yu a introduce man fi live inna yu house? A who yu batty man Khago? Go suck yu madda ten million times. Khago yu have a batty man bredda, yu have a brother weh no live weh. Khago yu a live batty man life. Anywhere mi see yu, yu a get a lick inna yu face!!!!"


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