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Gossip & Rumours Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 03 October 2012 09:08 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yo, Shelly's friends are hopping mad at Mr. Vegas' outburst on Facebook. One of them emailed me last night to say this: How Cliff ah gwaan so when him have him bagga gal all over the place inna Jamaica? When Shelly did pregnant, him did go tief a piece wid him babymother and she start text Shelly and tell her everything, and ah  pure cussing.  Mi nah say Shelly never do some things because wah she do is inexcusable, she caan go sleep wid her new man inna the man house while her child is in the house, that no right, but Vegas never have to go public. Both of them need fi check themselves because Shelly ah mi friend, but she no easy, she ah try hurt Vegas because him ah try kick her outta him house, that's why she get a hot man fi bun him wid, but a woman caan do wah a man do and still be  a lady, but Vegas ah the worst man inna the world fi do something like this. Wah kinda man de pon Twitter and Facebook ah chat out the whole ah him personal life to strangers who no love him or care bout him? Check that, him ah out Shelly, but him better make sure him no have no skeletons inna fi him closet. (kmt).
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