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Reggae Boyz doctor found dead with stab wounds

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 20:11 Written by
  A young medical doctor was found dead with multiple stab wounds at his posh Barbican apartment today. His body, surrounded by a pool of blood, was discovered by colleagues who were concerned that he had not turned up for work. 

Vybz Kartel hits 221,000 views in one day with LAST ONE

Sunday, 23 October 2016 19:13 Written by
Vybz Kartel unleashed a new flow on 'Last One', presumably the last salvo to be fired in the Gully-Gaza conflict as Mavado has returned to tour, and said he is done with the war via Instagram. Kartel goes in hard, making boasts that he made 'Mavado famous' and the traditional gun-talk where he name checks firearms etcetera, and promises death and destruction and yaaddi-ya-ya. desr

Vybz Kartel took to his official social media pages to comment on Mavado’s recently released diss track titled “Mr. Dead “.   Vybz Kartel wrote “BATTY MAN? DAVID MEMBA MI FUCK U MADA ALREADY . DESO U TEK IT AGAIN? ALRIGHT…. ” He later removed it and wrote “LOL.”

Vybz Kartel moved to "solitary" after Mavado diss track

Saturday, 22 October 2016 06:45 Written by
Prison officials at Horizon Adult Remand Centre have relocated Vybz Kartel from his original cell at the maximum security facility to solitary confinement, effectively putting a damper on the rising tensions in the resurrected Gully-Gaza feud. 

Residents of Maxfield Avenue have shot down the allegations made by the Police High Command that  the shooting death of local gang leader Robert ‘Rodigan’ Davis in Los Angeles, California, last Friday will trigger a gang war between the Rat Bat Gang and the Raspberry Gang in the area. 

Vybz Kartel releases a letter from prison

Monday, 17 October 2016 00:26 Written by
  An audio recording of a Vybz Kartel letter released from prison has racked up 96,000 plus views in five days.  The ten minute recording has generated dozens of comments online. What is he trying to do with this letter?    

Yohan Blake, Shelly Ann-Fraser and Powell ah give her some dutty look say why Spice ah do dem rings de? Spice shoulda change up her game for an event of this level of prestige. If it were Lady Saw, she would have done some proper songs from her catalogue or do some singer songs. But Spice shoulda siddown with her manager, and kick out the batty-slapping songs dem from outta her set. 

Flossing king of the 90s "Radigan" killed in LA

Sunday, 16 October 2016 16:54 Written by
Flossing dancehall personality ‘Radigan’ was gunned down on Friday night in what is being described as a “mass shooting” at a restaurant in the West Adams District, Los Angeles.

Hurricane conditions are possible in Jamaica on Monday, with tropical storm conditions beginning late Sunday. The eye wall will hit KINGSTON. 


Sunday, 18 September 2016 12:28 Written by
Ishawna, yu trick dem and buss. Yu a fly hard since yu lef Down Sound Records, Boston, New York, Connecticut, yu number nu stop ring off. A-Bey, all who ah fight yu can go drop asleep now, cause mi get the whatsapp and a your name de pon the Benz after all. The way Joe rate yu, the car buy inna yu name so nobody caan tek it back from yu, mi like how yu is a girl handle your business. Ah so yu fi step, like a real boss lady!!!!!1

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