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  Producer Elvis Redwood has posted a 27 minute video online addressing the whole issue between Vybz Kartel, Shenseea, and Romeich Entertainment. 


Redwood has said he has never needed to ask Vybz Kartel's permission to release songs or material. 

"I have never needed Kartel's permission, I just know the dos and the donts," he said.


"Mi no de ya fi throw nobody under the bus. Me and Romeich ah friend, the artiste, me and har no have no issue, me and Kartel have an understanding, we ah do business for a number of years now, we have a number of projects together. Romeich did an interview earlier, he called me before, and mi say do yu interview, if yu need to explain, gwaan go explain," Elvis said

"Afterwards him ask me what mi think, yu see the interview. What yu think? Mi say, yu do yu interview, once yu tell the people dem how it good. Yu good, yu conscience set yu free, people ah say yu need fi come, yu need fi come, mi never need fi come do nothing, So unique ah my label, mi a So Unique Records, mi no answer to no man, mi do mii own thing, as mi say, mi and Kartel good, we ah business associates, we have projects together that ah generate food for both of usmoney. Him have a number of people who can get a message to me,dem a go link me, him say this, send it , if me need fi sign a paper, the business part of the thing. "


Now the Loodi thing. The song was never a collab, Kartel know that, me know that, Romeich know that, everybody involve know that there was never a collab. There is a message in that leak there, that's not a release, that's a leak. When yu release a song, it haffi go out on a label, so that probably has everybody guessing, Ah me produce it, my version, both versions are mine, my riddim, Kartel own his maters, 50 per cent of his, 50 per cent is mine, ah Jay Crazie build my beats them, mi use them, when mi register it, Jay Crazie get him, me get mine, Kartel gets his. Mi no handle Kartel money, when mi get my deal, me get mine."

He explained that he did not release Kartel's song because he did not want it to overshadow Keshan's song, 'Tricks are for Kids'. He parked Kartel's song for a number of years before going to Keshan to do a female version but she refused the chance. 

 "I tried to add two other female artistes and mi still never hear wah mi waan hear. Mi link Blade and him say Romeich have a bad artiste called Shenseea. Mi listen her song , mi link Romeich and say put him artiste on that, him say ah Kartel. I gave him specific instructions, don't touch Kartel hook,  sing over the two verses dem inna the female version, of the song. The plan was to drop the video and the song same time."

He laid out the intricacies of how the project was done.

Mi no go half and half on young artiste, Romeich pay Red Boom fi mix the song, he paid Ruption half a million dollars to shoot the video. Then on the day of the video shoot, somebody got wind of it, 'Elvis ah put out a Kartel song', somebody link him and say 'the song caan go out and Kartel an ruh'. Mi say 'ah PimPim, him say no, tell the man fi link me'. Romeich tell the man fi link me, no call, so mi get the man number. The person name Donwell, mi call, him nah ansa phone. Mi say 'hombre, how yu get involved inna mi project?'. Bout 6 minutes after that mi send another message, 'hombre, anywhere yu see the name So Unique or Elvis, stay far! If any of your associates have a problem, link me'."

 He said that Kartel had never communicated to him through them.

"How TJ ah say mi song caan go out? Then mi hear say TJ ah say him ah go put out mi song. How Donwell get inna the position fi link me? Mi never see yu round the ting, yu just join the thing. None ah dem no link me, TJ fraid fi link me. Kartel never give Donwell no message to give me yet, there is no way Kartel ah go send message to me through TJ. Dem fraida me, the two ah dem a coward."

He said because of the brouhaha, he leaked his song even though the riddim was a juggling. 


"The song leaked, Red Boom mixed the Zagga, the Baby Tash and the Konshens. I told Romeich the video ah your own, do what yu want to do."

When VP Records decided to license the song, that is when the stakes were upped. 

"Chris (from VP) was concerned about, 'are you sure that there will be no problem with Kartel?' Mi just do the business how it supposed to be done, secure his part and secure my part. Mi link back Chris and told him that Kartel haffi get piece ah the food. Out of the figure, "mi waan this and mek Kartel get that". Chris gave me my cheque with my portion, Johnny Wonder get Kartel portion. "

He said he linked all the parties involved including Kartel's source, and he was told that "things govern".

"Me and Kartel never discuss anything about the deal. I told him about the deal afterwards and him get a piece ah food. Song get award, song de pon chart, mi no get no phone call, mi no waan no nothing, mi don't like the limelight, I am not that type of person," he said. 

The song was released in October, and the VP deal was completed in January. Redwood said he also lobbied Kartel's publisher to give Shenseea a percentage of the publishing for the song. 



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