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Right now, all dem a talk, Mavado de a US right now ah do him ting like nothing no wrong. The US not even a rush him because dem a put dem ting together fi tek weh all ah di money weh him earn over the last two years ah fly all over the place. Look pon it, the immigration people dem say: Any visa that you obtain by fraud is not valid and any benefits you get from that fraud will be taken away. To change your status, you must be in the US pursuant to lawful entry to be able to change your status, through marriage, from a visitor to an immigrant. Could Mavado end up having to give back all the money he earned touring overseas on an illegal visa? Him have a song pon the new RAW CASH riddim weh say him ah the million dollar man, but right now, him muss a fret and him batty a go twet twet because when Uncle Sam want dem money, dem go hard and done.  Him coulda haffi go turn FUGITIVUS and go underground like Spartacus because Rome ah look fi him.     
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