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Popcaan 'Party Shot' video ah shootttttttttt Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Friday, 10 February 2012 03:04 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Big up Popcaan, yu ting a shot. Mi love the 'Party Shot' video pon ER last week and mi glad say yu buss because the business need the new people dem, but mi just hope say yu nuh miss no whole heap a flight and gi no trouble. Some promoters ah bun yu out say yu ah tek bookings money inna Trinidad and nah honour the agreement but no watch no face, gwaan mek Karlene govern yu ting and everyting shoulda work out. By the way, ah who fah BMW inna the video fi 'Party Shot'? Ah your own or ah TJ own? IT MADDDDDD. 200,000 VIEWS INNA ONE WEEK


By the way, ah wah kinda problem yu have wid the Barbados people dem? Mi see a ting pon Twitter inna the week. A wah really a gwaan?

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